The Subtle Art of Catching Your Cheating Husband

Let’s face it; extramarital affairs are not uncommon even in the contemporary age where marriages are more flexible than ever. Both men and women succumb to their temptations more often than you think. And to catch someone cheating can be hurtful, but at times, it becomes necessary for you to confirm suspicions. This article describes the process A to Z and explains different effective techniques you can use to catch your husband extramarital affairs.

Owing to the state-of-the-art technology we got in our hands, the more natural way to go on would be to install spy apps. These apps can do everything from tracking your husband around the map to feeding you info about everything he does.

Even cameras have gotten so compact in the last few years that hiding them in everyday attire is no longer even hard, let alone impossible! In light of that, manufacturers can be found specializing in spycam production with handy features such as motion detection, GPS, and you name it!

How technology makes it easier for one to pull off adultery is a little bit worrisome. But at the same time, it helps to counter the situation, a glimpse of which we already discussed above.

But a word of advice, it is always a better step, to be frank about what you think and confront your husband about it. You should be able to prove to your spouse the presence of good intentions. Should your suspicions prove to be wrong and you get caught, the situation can turn against you in worse ways than you can imagine. Regardless, proceed to the following steps only if you genuinely believe you are out of options, and confrontation is not on the table!

1- Being Secretive

Before proceeding onto what you can do to bust a cheater, observe some things about your husband. Is he secretive lately? Is he turning the phone away from you the minute you look towards it? You may even find out that his password is changed out of the blue, and he chooses not to share it with you.

Yes, granted, some of these are just necessary privacy measures taken by almost everyone. However, you – as a wife, shall always know more about his habits than others. If it so occurs that his obsession for privacy is sudden and uncalled for, there might be some things to worry about!

2- Keeping a separate phone.

More of a continuation to the first point – you should be on the lookout for a potential second phone. Keeping a second phone, albeit being a liability, is something a cheater would do to keep the two romantic lives at their place. It makes sense as there is a lot lesser room for error with texting the wrong person by mistake.

Also, keeping a separate phone will allow your husband to keep the main one within your access, making it less likely for you to get suspicions.

3- Finding their phone.

Most modern phones come equipped with GPS, and location tracking is introduced as a feature. You can use this to your advantage. iPhones have a function called ‘Find my iPhone,’ and it is easier to turn on than put off. When your spouse leaves the house in stating ‘office’ or ‘just some errands’. You can log into his iCloud on the computer (yes, you will need to know his iCloud password somehow) and immediately track the location.

Android users, too, can make use of such a feature. Google offers ‘Find My Device’ service as well, which works quite similarly. While these features are not designed to catch someone cheating, that isn’t to say you can not use it effectively.

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