The safest cars in the world

Admitting the fact that car accidents can happen anytime, any car owner would like to get the safest car. Especially those intending to use the car for their families would like to ensure the highest level of safety for the occupants in the event of an accident. They look for quality technology that is used in the car for ensuring safety to its passengers.

In order to know which are the safest cars of our times, one can refer to the scores awarded by Euro NCAP that rate cars for its safety level by undertaking crash tests.  Safety assessment of cars by Euro NCAP is based on four factors – safety assistance, protection of adult passenger, child passenger and protection of pedestrian.  The major focus is on how the safety equipment’s function when it is most needed to protect the occupants.

Volvo XC 90 SUV

Volvo has been the leader in car safety and it still leads the pack as revealed by the current ratings. Complying with the highest standards of safety and using the most advanced and innovative safety technology, Volvo XC 90 SUV has been rated as the world’s safest car. Although the design and shape of the huge body of the vehicle makes it a little challenging to protect pedestrians during accidents (score 72%), the adult and child occupants are almost completely safe. Adult safety score is 97% and child safety score is 87%.

Volvo V40 hatchback

Going by the safety scores, the Volvo V40 should have ranked higher than its compatriot XC 90. But accepting the fact that it was tested a shade below the latest regulatory standards, it has been placed in the second spot. It has scored a perfect hundred in safety assistance followed by 98% in protecting adult occupant and 88% in pedestrian protection.

Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV

Safety aspects of the Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV have been much more enhanced than its predecessor Freelander.  The car is provided with an autonomous braking system that is highly effective in averting accidents at low speed and is capable of containing its severity if it happens at all.  Protection of adult occupant is assured at 93%, child occupants are almost equally protected while it has scored 82% in safety assist.

Mercedes C-class Saloon

Click4Warranty has mentioned that preventing accidents is the focus of the safety features that are incorporated in the Mercedes C-class Saloon.  And in the event is becomes unavoidable, you are well protected by the electronic safety system Pre-Safe that shifts the position of the front seats and tightens seat belts so that occupants are protected in the best way. Drowsiness detection system alerts drivers who might doze off at the wheels. 94% adult occupant protection and 94% child occupant protection has been ensured.

Mercedes GLA-class SUV

Scoring high on adult occupant protection (96%) and child occupant protection (88%), the Mercedes GLA-class SUV has fared very well in the tests that simulate the impact of side collision. However, its 70% score on safety assistance, which though low, does not impact its ability to offer protection to the occupants.

Insurance and Safety

Not many people know this but the safer your car the lower your car warranty insurance quotes. So what this basically means that if you buy a turbo sport vehicle you most probably going to pay allot of money for car warranty and insurance. If you purchase a vehicle in the above column there is a good change that your insurance monthly will be much less than a turbo charge Porsche even though they may be the same price.


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