The Red War: Destiny 2 Story explained

The red war introduces new conflicts with Cabal. The last city is invaded by the new army led by villian Dominus Ghaul. The guardians work on evacuations of civilians and meanwhile Ghaul attacks the Traveler. The ghost of the player stay in the green surroundings as there is no place to go. Guardians start to scatter and die across the solar system. The Ghaul starts torturing Treveler.

Fortunately,  while wandering in the woods they find a vision of Traveler that helps them to reach the Shard. Now teaching the Shard you find the light and when you touch the light it glows even brighter. This indicates that you are the only guardian left behind who can save the day. In short, the players reconnect to the guardian leaders and thus decide to take revenge. Ghaul has some sort of power called Almighty that is a weapon and can destroy the solar system. The player gets the mission to shut the weapon down. It gives the ability to the guardians to attack the city. With several difficulties on their path, players still defeat Ghaul and the Traveler wakes up. After the blast of Ghaul, the light is returned to the solar system.

On mercury

Callus the emperor of Ghaul and enemy of guardians is on mercury. In the curse of Osiris the game takes players to Mercury. Vex had taken over the planet and running it like a machinery. The time travelling talent of vex manipulate time constantly. However, Ikora discovers that an army is being created by Vex. The army consisting of robots both from the past and future will take over the solar system.


Osiris is the guardian that has the duty to protect the last city. He was also a scholar, therefore, had knowledge about Traveler.  Osiris also studies the Darkness to know further about Vex and Hive. The Speaker of Traveler exiles him due to his research on the safety of the city. However, later the player discovers that he was right.

Warmind exposed

It’s the upcoming expansion and shows a different story. In the Golden Age, Clovis had helped in colonising the solar system. Moreover, he established through it a city named Freehold. One of the members of Bay becomes the guardian.


In this part we see that things start to become personal. You and Cayde travel to Reef to stop the prison break.The new rraceScorn is established in the prisons. The new villian Sov kills Cayde. Soy, an awakened prince, thinks his sister is alive. Well, he was in search of the real culprit, however, kills Cayde.

The moon

In this part aka Shadowkeep expansion the Hive has constructed a tower called The scarlet keep. It has caused disturbances and you are to investigate them. You are also looking for Eris and meanwhile find a black pyramid. You construct an armour to enter the pyramid and fight all the versions of Nightmares.

Beyond Light

In this expansion the pyramid ships are causing the planets to vanish. The Eramis who uses dark powers grants power to the Fallen and is now threatening to the Light. Variks who was once Eramis’s follower leaves her and helps us to fight her. With all our powers yet the darkness is too much. After defeating Eramis you are told that she is freezed and will come back in future.

So, this was the story of the destiny 2 video game that keeps the players motivated throughout the game. To learn more about the story you can read the full D2 Lore or Destiny 2 Lore.

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