The reasons why Sicily is the best tourist destination


Have you ever been to Sicily? Why should you visit Sicily and which are the main local destinations? This is the largest Mediterranean island located in Italy. If you are a tourist, this is the perfect destination in case you would love to enjoy good food, wine, art, and beaches.

Reasons to visit Sicily.

Sicily is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea and you might be wondering what makes it stand out from the rest of the islands. Sicily is popular for good food, sweet wine, fine art, and gorgeous beaches.

  1. Food and wine.

Enjoy mouth-watering street food like pane e panelle, arancine, cannoli, and cassata. The most loved dessert in Sicily is cannoli. It is made up of chocolate and fresh sheep’s milk. If you are a wine lover, you may choose to attend the annual wine festival or visit the local well-known wineries in the nearby Menfi. Syrah, Marsala wine, and Nero d’Avola are examples of wine you will find on this island. Marsala wine is made from the neighborhood white grapes and Grillo, Damaschino, Inzolia, and Catarratto.

  1. Art.

If you love art, Sicily is the place to be. You can visit the villages of Cefalù and Scopello, the Greek Theaters in Syracuse and Taormina, and the temples of Agrigento.  The temple of Agrigento is an ancient Greek temple of Italy. People visit Agrigento to view the incredible ancient Greek ruins called the Valley of the Temples. The Valley of Temples is a huge, impressive, well-preserved, popular, and very important archeological site in the world.  The main ruins throughout the valley include the temple of Concordia, Juno, and Hercules.

  1. Beaches

Sicily has over 100km of coastline covered with a variety of landscapes. You will find beautiful beaches like Isola Bella, Mondello, Scala dei Turchi, Calamosche, and Zingaro Nature Reserve. This island is famous for its golden sandy beaches, lively coastal resorts, and scenic coves. Sicily beaches offer stunning scenery and warm water that is perfect for swimming from June to early October.

Suggested local destination.

Selinunte is the place to visit if you are a fan of good food, beautiful beaches, sweet wine, and fine art. This ancient town has the largest archeological park in Europe. In its neighborhood, you will find Marinella di Selinunte where you can enjoy the taste of local fish food. You can also go for a swim on the sandy beach of the Belice river reserve. The nearby Menfi hosts the annual wine festival and it has many well-known local wineries.


Sicily is the best tourist destination if you intend to enjoy scrumptious food, sweet wine, gorgeous beaches, and wonderful art. This is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with a rich history reflected by sites like the valley of the Temples. You will find various ruins of temples that were built by ancient Greeks and are well-preserved, popular, and impressive. Enjoy street foods like Cannoli and attend the annual wine festival in the nearby Menfi. This island has beautiful golden sandy beaches, lively coastal resorts, and scenic coves. I suggest that you visit Selinunte to see the largest archeological site in Europe, go for a swim in the Belice river reserve.

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