The Reason Why Australia Is Among Countries with the Safest Roads to Drive

Each country has a unique presentation of road safety, which is overseen by a central government department. Australia has the Office of Road Safety located in the Western part of the country and the Government Centre for Road Safety in New South Wales.

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Recent statistics from the International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (IRTAD) also indicate that Australia ranks 15th among the world’s safest roads, with a safety score of 5.1. It demonstrates that dying while driving on an Australian highway is lower compared to countries like the United States and Argentina.

So, how does the country maintain its standing when it comes to road safety?

Education and Safety Campaigns Rank High in the Country

Safe driving behaviour is being advocated in the whole country, engaging communities and developing road safety awareness campaigns. The Australian government has several programs in place, including Towards Zero, Stop it… Or Crop it, Ride to Live, and Saving Lives on the Country Roads. These programs aim to instil a deep sense of awareness and engage people in responsible driving behaviour.

Education and safety campaigns also take into account the early stages of driving skills acquisition. Young people and old learners are given a chance to learn their skills from qualified driving instructors, who can streamline their knowledge and understanding of the Australian road rules.

Not only that, but qualified instructors providing driving lessons in EzLicence are versed with defensive driving techniques. Such knowledge empowers new drivers to obtain healthy driving habits, acquired from the vast experiences and guidance of qualified instructors.

Australia has a Strong Road Safety Governance

The country’s Federal System is responsible for overseeing the road safety guidelines and enforcing them to every community. The coherent structure of the state creates a systematic infrastructure where rules are strictly followed, including road rules.

In effect, the Australian government regulates all the safety standards relating to infrastructure resources, road safety laws, and the maintenance of national roads. State governments take the responsibility of funding, designing, and planning road networks. The local governments take the lead at operating road networks within their vicinity.

And just like other countries, Australia also follows a point system where demerit points are given for every violation. Such demerits are recorded and applied to your traffic history where you get fines, court convictions, and licence sanctions, depending upon your offences.

The strict enforcement of road rules is vigorously implemented for instances including:

  • Seatbelt offence
  • Speeding violations
  • Traffic light offence
  • Miscellaneous driving violations

Road discipline is strictly enforced across the country, especially in national highways. Speed limits along national roads and local road networks, particularly in residential areas and school zones, are strictly implemented.

Focus on Driver Habits and Behaviour

Drivers acquire their driving habits and behaviour from instructors who impart their skills to the students. Quality driving skills can only be earned from qualified professionals, who provide the basis for a person’s ability to understand the Australian road safety guidelines.

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