The Proven Solution to Your Ingrown Hairs Barrage

Summer brings delight, especially after a long winter season. However, as you don your swimsuit, reality catches up with you. Getting rid of pubic hairs without experiencing razor burn and itching is tasking. However, you can effectively get rid of hair in your nether regions through bikini laser hair removal at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center. We delve into how laser energy helps you maintain a decent bikini line at the beach and for the Gram.

What is laser hair removal for the bikini area?

Laser hair removal employs laser energy to remove pubic hairs from the bikini area. The bikini area traces a V-line on your swimsuit or undergarment region.

There are several types of laser removal for intimate areas. Choose the right option for you and have a clear-cut bikini line.

Many women love laser hair removal since it is a long-term solution with no regrowth and itching. The laser light targets the follicles hence imparting remarkable results.

Types of hair removal for the bikini region

At Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center, you have the following options:

Ø Basic bikini

The basic package removes hair that spills over where your bikini creases. It does not remove the entire pubic hairs, especially around the labia. The process takes about ten minutes; however, you have to follow a post-care routine and undergo multiple sessions to guarantee permanence.

Ø Extended bikini

The extended bikini goes deeper than the basic bikini. It complements full Brazilian laser hair removal. Extended bikini takes the same six sessions to impart results. However, everyone is different, and outcomes vary depending on the skin tone.

Ø Full Brazilian laser hair removal

The full Brazilian is a complete laser hair removal that targets the follicles directly, preventing regrowth. Brazilian laser hair removal extends from the pubic region to the buttocks. It is an efficient laser hair removal technique for individuals looking for a smooth, hair-free nether region.

Ø Thong line laser removal

Like the bikini line, the thong line traces the thong line between the buttocks and employs lasers to remove hair. Hair specialists combine thong line laser hair removal with full Brazilian for superior hair removal. The procedure takes about 15 minutes to complete.

What happens during laser hair removal for the bikini area?

After an initial consultation, the hair expert proposes an appropriate laser hair removal technique in line with your needs. After the consultation, you will wear loose clothing without jewelry or metallic items. The specialist then uses a laser device to target the hair follicles. The targeted approach ensures that the adjacent tissues remain intact. Conversely, targeting the follicles prevents bumps and ingrown hairs. The procedure may cause slight discomfort as the laser light targets thick pubic hair. However, after a while, there is no pain.

Like all cosmetic procedures, laser hair removal also has side effects. You may experience increased sensitivity, especially during your monthly cycle. In severe cases, you may experience vaginal dryness or itching. The correct concentration of laser light is pivotal to prevent adverse side effects.


Struggling with finding the perfect bikini is enough. You do not need to worry about hairs peeking out of your bikini either. Contact Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center for top-line laser hair removal services.

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