For everyone who is thinking about buying a new car, there is a difficult choice regarding the model, because each brand has its own characteristic advantages and disadvantages. Winter is a testing time for all car owners, without exception, because snowfalls, frost and snowstorms are the main enemies of the engine and the whole all-wheel drive. In this article, we will consider the best cars for winter driving, as well as the best winter accessories for cars, so that our readers will always have useful tips on how to solve such a difficult issue at hand. Learn more about the most reliable vehicles you can consider, on this website:

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This car brand belongs to the category of classic SUVs. There are two variations of these SUVs on the automobile market: regular and sporty. The first has an engine of about 200 horsepower, and the other – about 300 horsepower. Despite the fact that both moles are not particularly comfortable and fuel efficient, they deserve attention, because they have compact dimensions, a pleasant interior and are among the most affordable brands in this market segment.


This crossover SUV is one of the best of its kind, because it is designed for off-roading. The advantages of this model include a wide range of transmissions and the availability of two- and four-door models. You can buy a model with heated steering wheel, remote control and special lighting for an additional fee. A significant advantage of this car is a roomy rear body and strong axles. But in terms of fuel economy, it is quite “voracious”. To see the full variety of SUVs and choose for yourself it is worth ordering rental cars, because you can find great deals, from which it is impossible to refuse.


This luxury car is definitely defined by its magnificence and perfection, because with such not too expressive technical characteristics it is still ahead of such popular Swedish competitors as Volvo V90 and Subaru Forester, which are also considered worthy options for winter. However, this brand is not cheap, so it is worth thinking about rent a car to solve your travel problems promptly and without overpayment. The main advantage is the availability of advanced safety systems (collision warning, warning of entering the oncoming lane, automatic braking in unpredictable situations), as well as sensor control with remote access. Each potential buyer will have the opportunity to use the services of the car rental enterprise this winter season.


This model is an unbeatable option to buy for this winter season. The main highlight of the model is a modern safety system equipment (emergency braking, prevention of possible accidents), climate control and heating system (external coating against fog, heated seats, mirrors, windshield), which makes it an excellent option as a budget car rental, because it is the leading crossover in its class. Although it is not such a monster by its technical characteristics (200 horsepower), but it is ahead of its competitors, such as Outback and Wilderness, which makes it worthy of attention.


Unbeatable, elegant and luxurious crossover for the whole family. A highlight of this model is the specially designed snow protection system, and the powerful 9-speed engine with nearly 300 horsepower can handle even high stalls. In addition, there is a special mode of operation on slippery roads. Significant trunk capacity is everything you need for a long road trip for a group of friends, so this model can definitely be found in the list of offers from the best deals rent a car not only in the United States, but also in the world.


This undoubtedly unbeatable and luxurious crossover model is a work of art. The engine with about 800 horsepower is a monster in the global SUV market. Interior – leather and glossy interior with a leading infotainment system, climate control and all-wheel drive for 40 thousand dollars – it is not at all school to give for such handsome man. Another “highlight” of this brand is the best car batteries for winter, which is an undoubted advantage of the above-mentioned competitors. However, of course, there are its “pitfalls”, namely a poor safety system and prevention of possible accidents and the lack of a V8 engine, which is a significant disadvantage.


This premium SUV is equipped with a flawless climate control system designed for multiple climate zones, an anti-slip system on icy roads, and heated interior devices (steering wheel and seat). Special mention should be made of the large and pompous 10-inch display for watching movies or playing games. The spacious interior is in harmony with the classic style, which can not but please a fan of the standard conditions in midsize crossovers. Another advantage of this brand is an improved version of the clutch, which can improve the quality of your trip.


This incredible crossover is a true leader in the SUV market, because it is categorized as a large and luxurious vehicle. Convenient control system, cruise control, climate control, blind spot reporting, and a sturdy body system are all that is needed for an easy ride, even in bad weather. This year, the model received a new model, but the price of this «work of art» is too high for average citizens. In fact, the best way to store car for winter is to take good care of it (protect it from hard frost, bad pavement, and clean it from snow and dirt).


Therefore, as you can see, each model has its own advantages and disadvantages on the winter road. Each of the presented vehicles has systems to combat snow and frost, so the choice of a particular vehicle depends on your wallet and tastes.

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