The Man and Beyond: Grooming Tips for Men

Gone are the days when men will meet a few funny looks for going out of their way to look good. Men are beautiful people too, and we have to keep it that way. There’s no more shaming for taking care of your skin and your style. The art of grooming for men is now widely recognized, and you should be part of the hype too.

The thing is, plenty of men are new to this game. Many of us do not know our skin type to determine what products should work for us and what shouldn’t. Be that as it may, perhaps it will help if we start from the beginning, and for that, you’re already at the right place.

Grooming Tips

Before you dive into the intricate know-how of skincare routines for men, you must first be introduced to grooming basics. We don’t want to overwhelm you that you end up abandoning the entire idea of looking good. That’s why we’ve prepared some easy tips on how you can take your first few steps.

Dental Care

Your smile is the best accessory you could ever wear. If you want to look good, let’s start with dental care. It’s best to go to a dentist for a checkup and to determine how you can fix some dental problems you may be facing. If there is none and your teeth are in proper order, make sure that you have a teeth whitening kit to prevent them from turning yellowish.

Know Your Barber

Nothing is more frustrating than to have a haircut that’s too short for your taste. You have to wait a few weeks or months for them to grow again to your desired length. If you’re not fond of wearing hats or beanies, maybe it’s that you get to know your barber. You’d be surprised at how much they know about looking good, and besides, if you got the perfect haircut once you walked out that door, you’re going to want that every month.

What Hair Products Work for You

There’s not one single hair product that works for all men. That’s because we have different consistencies and length of hair. Knowing what product is best for your hair type is important. More often than not, pomade or wax is great for thick hair, while lighter products should work best for thinner hair.

A Signature Scent

It only takes one minor mistake to ruin your entire getup, and men most like fail at smelling good. We are quite active, and that often results in sweating, which eventually causes a foul odor. However, do not try to fix it with five different scents of cologne at once. You’d be better off with having at most two classic signature scent and use one that you think best suits the occasion.

Manage Your Beard

A grown beard is not just for hipsters and trendsetters anymore. It has become a classic, almost required fixture on men. However, this green light on having a beard is not an invitation to look like an old tree. Fix that facial fuzz and do your research. Determine what looks good on you and learn how to get the best beard styles for men.

Fix Those Eyebrows

You’ve probably seen George Clooney before and thought, “if he could rock those thick eyebrows, I could too!” There’s nothing wrong with big brows on your forehead, but if they’re starting to have a small rendezvous right at the top of your nose bridge, you may want to deal with that. Prevent monobrow by clearing the area between your two brows. However, be careful not to shave, cut, or pluck too far. A monobrow does not look good, but eyebrows that are too far apart is not the solution.


One of the most important skincare products that all men should have is sunscreen. UV rays from the sun cause our skin cells to age faster, and we can assure you that you don’t want that “daddy look” when you’re in your early thirties. An SPF 15 sunscreen would be sufficient to protect your skin from wrinkles and even skin cancer.

Hand-care Routine

While a foul smell is probably the worst thing that could ruin your getup, do you want to know the second smallest mistake that can cause the biggest turnoff? Dirty, untrimmed fingernails. Proper hygiene is necessary, so don’t forget to cut your fingernails at least once a week after taking a bath.

Men’s body care is now getting more and more popular. That’s because men deserve to look good and feel good too. Even if you still don’t have the expertise to know everything about men’s grooming, the basics would suffice for now.

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