The importance of jury selection – 3 reasons why choosing a jury matters for the outcome of the case

When it comes to the legal system within the United States, a group of 12 people – known as the jury- is responsible for looking at the evidence presented in the court and deciding on the outcome of the case overall.

A jury is always filled by randomly selecting individuals who live within the relevant county. Though for many people, receiving a jury summons can lead to a bit of dread and unhappiness, other individuals know that it is an incredibly important part of the legal and judicial process within the United States.

If you have ever wondered about the importance of jury selection, then you have come to the right place. Let’s break down 3 reasons why choosing a jury has a major impact on the ultimate outcome of any court case.

Potential jurors are vetted before a trial

The first reason why jurors are so important to a court trial is because their word is final when it comes to the outcome of the case. Of course, a judge will be the one to hand down the actual punishment, but it is the jury that will make the guilty or not-guilty decision at the end of the trial.

For that reason, every potential juror is vetted in a very big way during the jury selection process to make sure that they are not biased one way or the other in a case. Because of this, lawyers, the judge and the prosecution and defendant can all know that the case is fair and even from start to finish.

A fair trial makes sure the justice system works

Everyone who lives within the United States knows that this is a country that is built on the ideal that everyone – no matter their color, creed, socio-economic standing and more – should be equal in the eyes of the law.

Of course, that equality is not something that comes easily and it must be fought for to maintain. That fight begins within the legal system. If there is every doubt that a jury is impartial and a trial is fair, then the entire system begins to break down. That is why jury selection is taken so seriously in every court in the country.

Ultimately, it is the jury’s decision

This is the final key thing to remember whenever you are thinking about a jury in the court of law. The entire legal system is set up to depend on the fact that the jury will be impartial, just and take the entire case in mind when making the final decision regarding the case. While people can of course appeal trials, the ultimate decision in any criminal case will always be made by the jury.


While some people surely see being a part of a jury as a major drag, it should instead be considered a real honor. From the jury selection process, to the final decision made in a case and everything in between, the jury is what keeps the American legal system working day in and day out.

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