The Hovsco A5 Mountain Cruiser Is On Its Way: Here Is What You Need To Know

By now, you have heard that E-bikes are the new top choice for bikers. The era of E-bikes has genuinely begun to show its presence. There are so many companies that are investing in creating E-bikes. HOVSCO E-bike is a company that specializes in E-bikes, and they are behind the creation of the world’s finest E-bikes. Their last generation models blew through the competition in all the categories, whether its durability, performance, features or even built. Get detailed information about the heavy-duty vehicles that can be driven on any type of road, on this website:

The new HOVSCO A5 mountain cruiser will launch and is available for pre-sale on their website. The cruiser is remarkably feature-rich, so let’s see what is in stock.

HOVSCO A5 Mountain Cruiser’s Staggering Features

This E-bike is designed for those who aim to explore and challenge their limits. HOVSCO has created perhaps one of the best E-Bikes in the market by a long mile and stuffed with the most premium features that make it even more of a sweet deal than it already is. Learn more about Hovsco A5 Mountain Cruiser at

Charge The Bike And See How Long You Last

the A5 mountain cruiser is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that provides 36V 12.5AH with a  total battery capacity of 450Wh. These specifications make it an absolute biking beast, as the bike can go 50 miles on a single charge. The bike offers 50 miles on purely electrical power and can even go up to 62 miles by using the incredible pedal assist on a single charge. Bike rides on this will feel like a breeze when you know that it will not run out of power. You can take the bike on long routes worry-free and truly immerse yourself in the soothing biking experience. The battery is removable, so there is no need to carry extra weight if the battery has no power, so charge it at home with ease and keep riding.

What Is This Torque Sensor In The HOVSCO A5 Mountain Cruiser?

Simply put,  torque sensors allow using the electric pedal assisting mechanism to provide assistance outputs that mirror human efforts. These sensors can be pretty pricey, and you can get our 65N.m sensor for a price that beats the competition while fitting your budget.

Are you Hungry For Adventure? Well, The A5 Mountain Cruiser From HOVSCO Is The Best For You

No terrains can stop you when you are riding an A5 mountain cruiser. The E-bike is equipped with a brushless motor powering at 250w and is made by Bafang. The hub motor is built for intense bike riding and comes with three modes: Electric Only, Pedal Assist, and No Power Mode. It comes with a Shimano 7-speed gear shifter built by Japan, so rest assured uphill biking will feel like a cruise in the clouds. Anti-puncture tires at a 27.5-inch size make things more safe, secure, and less hassle.

Oh and Don’t forget about the accessories.

HOVSCO provides the full bang for your buck with this E-bike. Not only is the bike built to withstand extreme terrains, but it also comes with great accessory features. It is equipped with a digital LCD panel that can:

  • Track your battery level
  • Track your speed
  • Track the level of the pedal-assist mode
  • Track the distance covered by an odometer
  • It has a built-in speedometer
  • A torch for your night adventures

And with all that said, the pre-sale is live, so go and get the best E-Bike at the special offer.

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