The Facts about Your Breasts before and after Pregnancy


Pregnancy causes severe changes in a woman’s body. If you have been thin, you are supposed to go huge, and if you are already large, then there’s a chance, your proportion might get gigantic! Kidding! The case might not be this, but you will see the changes from your before pregnancy to after you are a full proof mother.

You must know, that, your breasts they play a big role in the pregnancy, you will not just get a swelled belly, but your breasts will take part in swelling too. From the first trimester to breastfeeding, you will go through particular changes, and here are the facts you should know about.

First Trimester

In this stage, breasts before after pregnancy, and it’s the early period, you will feel the fullness, and the heaviness. Your breasts will be swollen, tender, and you can get the over-sensitiveness of the nipples as well. This will start to show up in the first two weeks of your pregnancy, and the time when you have possibly missed your period. In this time, your body starts to prepare itself for breastfeeding, and it increases the flow of milk, along with that the body fat starts to add in that area.

For this, you must not go for pain medication, because it won’t help the tenderness you feel. In this case, you can always wear a good inner garment, which will help you make the painless.

Second Trimester

In this stage of the breast before and after pregnancy, your breasts will begin to grow, and they will also look very different. The areas around your nipples will change its color, and the buds will become prominently than before, and the areolas will become darker and large at the same time. You will feel itchiness in this period because the very area has started to stretch.

If you want to dissolve the stretch marks, it will not happen with skin creams, you just have to keep your body moisturized all the time.

Third Trimester

Your body will be readying itself for breastfeeding in full force now, and this is the time you need to look for better inner garments. In this period, you will see, that your nipple is leaking a fluid called the colostrum, which is regarded as the very nutritious for the baby.

For this, you can have a cloth or disposable pads for nipples, to deal with the colostrum, and you also need comfortable inner clothes too.

After Pregnancy

When you have given birth to your baby, your breasts will stop leaking colostrum and start producing milk. In this time, you need to keep your nipple moisturized, which will prevent the cracking, and it will also, boost the milk production.

When you are not breastfeeding, your body will still make some milk, you must have to avoid pumping to get relief from the pressure. This will enhance the time of milk production. You can try pressing a bag of frozen peas, it will give you some relief.

If you see your breast is sagging, then it might be because of weight gain, but it can also be your genes. However, you can also try out supporting inner garments for this situation.

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