The exhaust system converter has failed: what to do?


Have you noticed that the exhaust gas head from the muffler is weak and uneven? Perhaps it’s all about the converter. You can check this yourself by simply bringing your palm to the pipe. If the flow is weakened, there is a possibility that the converter honeycomb begins to deteriorate, melt off, or become clogged.

The process of the converter honeycomb deterioration is irreversible. For this reason, you need to think about where to sell the out-of-operation part for scrap and get money for it. Follow this link to see volvo catalytic converter scrap value by The final cost of a specific catalytic converter is announced after an express diagnostics, since the condition of the part, the manufacturer, and the volume of precious metals in it may vary.

Features of the converter removal

It is dangerous to operate a vehicle with a failed converter, as a breakdown of the exhaust system can cause engine problems.

When removing the converter, you need to think about how to manage the vehicle operation without the lambda probe. After the converter is removed, the computer will receive information about the malfunction, as a result, the sensor will show an error.

  • You can bypass the actuator by installing a special dummy sensor. The dummy sensor is installed at a certain distance from the exhaust point so that the device registers a larger volume of oxygen. The dummy sensor is mounted instead of the actuator and a special device is placed in it. The system will work flawlessly, but this option has many disadvantages.
  • The vehicle warranty is void if changes are made to its design. If the engine breakdown occurs, and the vehicle is under warranty, you will have to pay for expensive repairs yourself.
  • The vehicle will not be allowed to enter the EU countries due to non-compliance with environmental standards. It will also not be able to pass state MOT. The onboard PC can be bypassed, but when the vehicle is diagnosed at the stand, the situation cannot be hidden.
  • Removing the converter implies a mandatory re-flashing of the ECU. It is necessary so the software takes all indicators as normal. If the re-flashing is not performed or done incorrectly, both the car and the engine can be harmed. You will need to find technicians familiar with the features of the software of a particular vehicle brand.


To prevent the converter from failing ahead of time, it is necessary to monitor the quality of fuel and additives, operate the car carefully avoiding driving on uneven roads. The most common causes of converter failure are mechanical damage and clogging, which can be avoided.

If the converter breaks down, it will need to be replaced. The most correct solution is to install a new original converter. In this case, the vehicle software will work without interruption.

Installation of analogs or dummy sensors is much cheaper but there are such risks as accelerated engine wear, the additional load on the vehicle’s components, and also damages to the environment.

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