The effective approach to treat dog anxiety

Do you notice that your dog pants even when it is not hot? Does your dog often suffer from shivering? Well, this is a red flag alert that you should not ignore by any means. It indicates that your dog is suffering from anxiety.

 When the anxiety is severe, your dog may even quit eating. However, you do not need to get panic-stricken at all. Your goal should be to get this issue addressed at the earlier. Ignorance will not be bliss in this case.

Treating anxiety in dogs

Deal with separation anxiety

There are times when your dog suffers from separation anxiety. The best solution is that you should provide toys to your dog. When your dog plays with something it loves, then it will remain engaged for a long time.

Gradually, you should increase the time your pet remains alone. It is also vital that you should make your coming and going a low-key affair. Do not greet your pet loudly. If you do your pet will miss you a lot.

You can also leave your clothes in the house for your dog to smell. The benefit of this practice that your dog will remain comfortable at all times. Try it out.

Look for a solution for the phobias

Sometimes your dog suffers from a phobia which leads to anxiety. For example, there are times when dogs are afraid of travelling. The best solution in this situation is to take your dog near the car and reward it.

The benefit of this practice is that the fear factor will eventually vanish away.

Provide medicines

It is essential to assess the anxiety level of your pet. Often it happens that the anxiety is severe. It inhibits the learning ability of your pet. The solution is to provide medication to your dog in this situation. If you are reluctant, get your dog assessed by a vet. He will be in the best position to guide you.

Give your pet more attention

What you need to keep in mind is that pets also need our attention.  If you notice that your pet is crying, then you should cuddle your pet. When you cuddle your pet, it will have a sense of security. It will feel safe. Gradually the anxiety levels will come down.

Bringing about lifestyle changes

You will also need to introduce some lifestyle changes for your pet. For example, make your pet exercise. It helps to release the happy hormones. As a result, your pet will be happier.

You need to introduce healthy dietary changes also. Be innovative with recipes. If you are running out of ideas, visit Huon Aqua for different fish recipes ideas. You can alter ingredients as per the liking of your dog.

If you want your pet to be healthy and happy, you will need to make extra effort. The effort is worth it because your pet deserves your love. Make sure that you follow the recommended suggestions to stop pet anxiety.

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