The Do’s and Don’ts When Sailing

It would be a once in a lifetime experience to sail the seas onboard Hatteras GT65. But whether it is onboard the Hatteras GT65 or another custom made yacht; there are specific rules we should follow. Being at our best behavior will make the trip more memorable and enjoyable.

Be Considerate of Others on the Trip

Be considerate when it comes to your actions while on the trip. Be at your best behavior at all times. Remember that the yacht is just a small space compared to your house or the office. Try to minimize your voice when talking to avoid distracting others who might also be having a conversation with other people.

Proper Etiquette

While on a trip, always remember that no one will be cleaning after you. Always keep all areas clean during the trip. Avoid littering and throw all trash in their respective bins. Be mindful of the garbage and also check if the boat practices separation of biodegradable or non-biodegradable waste.

Always keep countertops you have used clean and tidy. Wipe all spillage and dry it out and throw the paper towels properly too. Always remember to clean as you go.

 If you have just been invited to join, check, and ask what the rules are on the boat. Some owners would require you to be barefoot when you go on board, and some would ask you to bring light footwear such as sandals or flipflops to avoid leaving marks on the boat’s flooring.

Pack what is Necessary

If you are planning to go on a trip that might last for days, try to pack light and bring what is only necessary, this will help you minimize the space that your bag will take up. Yachts have limited storage space, so be mindful of others who are also bringing their necessary items on the trip. Pack light clothing and footwear too.

Boat Safety

Ask about emergency exits and the travel itinerary. In any case of emergencies, you would know where to go and would be able to help others as well. Inform a family member, colleague, friend, or the authorities of your travel plans and provide when and where they can reach you in an emergency situation.

Do Not Overload

Always keep in mind how much the capacity of the boat is. Some boat owners are provided with this information. Size can refer to weight capacity or headcount capacity. For everyone’s safety, do not overload the boat.

Check Weather Reports and Forecasts

Check the weather reports and forecasts before going on a trip. The weather can change anytime. One moment it is all sunny and warm, the next minute you might experience a sudden rain shower. You might also want to check how the tides are doing. Weather changes can also bring about changes in the tides and might affect your trip.

Check Your Speed

Make sure to be aware of other boats around you. Do not go faster than you should. Always travel at a safe speed so you can be prepared to slow down if the need arises instantly. It’s also a good idea to ensure your boat has proper operation and energy efficiency. You may want to consider installing a hydraulic power unit like the QP50V compact hydraulic power unit. Something like this can help improve boat operation, reducing the load on your boat’s electrical systems (especially when it comes to heating and cooling), and ultimately improve your trip.

Safety Devices

Don’t forget to pack additional safety devices like radio, first aid kit, and in most cases, spare parts. Many sailing incidents happen within a few miles of shore, but there is a tendency for people to assume that because there are sometimes many boats sailing around, someone will come along to help.

Always take these reminders to heart. Always remember to be mindful of others who are on the same trip as you, so you and the others on the boat trip would have a memorable experience while traveling on water.

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