The different types of personal injury cases


More than 39 million people avail medical services for personal injury cases every year, and this number is increasing at a breakneck pace. And you will be surprised to know that accidental injuries are the third major cause of death in the U.S. Every year, millions of people suffer from personal injury cases, and many of them file cases in order to get the right compensation.

The proliferation of personal injury cases can’t be blamed on one or two things as there are different types of personal injury cases. Some of them lead to severe physical injury or disablement and others confine the injured person to bed for a very long period. Well, in such cases, the financial loss can be one of the biggest concerns for most of the people along with physical injury and therefore, filing a lawsuit is the only option left. In order to file a successful lawsuit, you must be aware of what’s considered as personal injury and what’s not.

So, let’s go through some of the most common personal injury cases from all around the world.

Slip and fall

Slip and fall are some of the most common personal injury cases. Every property owner has the legal responsibility of keeping their premise safe and hazard-free so that anyone who is present on the property doesn’t get injured. But this doesn’t mean that every slip and fall case on someone else’s property leads to liability.

The property owner must be responsible for the slip and fall accident because of carelessness, negligence, or ignorance of maintenance of his premise. The exact responsibility of the property owner depends on the situation and the state laws. You can consult a Miami personal injury lawyer to know more.

Vehicle accidents

The roads are getting busier, and the number of road accident cases are increasing every year. All vehicle accident cases occur because one or more than one person isn’t following the rules of the road or driving safely. From drunk driving to over speeding, there are numerous reasons for vehicle or road accidents.

One of the worst things about road accident cases is it can lead to permanent disability or loss of body parts in many cases. This is the main reason why most of the road accident cases involve a high amount of settlement. If you are looking forward to the right compensation in a road accident case, then consult a Miami personal injury lawyer.

Medical malpractices

If the treatment provided by a medical practitioner is below the set standards, then it can be included in medical malpractices, and the victim has the right to file a lawsuit against the medical staff or practitioner. In order to file a personal injury case involving medical malpractices, the victim will need to hire a medical expert who will help in proving that the other party involved in the case didn’t provide a reasonable standard of care.

But finding a medical expert that will support your case and provide the required evidence to strengthen your case can be quite a daunting task, and this is why consulting a Miami personal injury lawyer is a much better option. The lawyer will take care of everything, from medical proof to deciding the amount of settlement.


With time, the society is getting violent, and the American gun culture is not hidden from anybody in the world. The toll of American gun violence is horrifying, and that’s why assault has made it to the list of top personal injury cases. But assaults never occur because of negligence or carelessness as they are always intentional.

If any person hurts any other person intentionally, then it is considered as an assault. In almost all the personal injury cases based on assault, a criminal aspect is also included.

This is just a glimpse of some of the most common personal injury cases, as the list is very long. It doesn’t matter which type of personal injury you have suffered; if it has occurred because of someone else, then you should consult a personal injury lawyer and get the right compensation.

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