The Cost of Replacing or Repairing Entry Doors

There is no fixed amount for repairing or replacing entry doors frame. Rather, the price is usually determined by how badly the door is damaged. But, on a rough estimate, a door frame average cost of repair ranges between $82 and $165. According to Total Home Windows and Doors, for a French door frame, you can spend $210, between $210 and $240 for sliding door frames, $40 to $280 for pocket doors and $109 to $440 for pre-hung door frames.

Since repairs do not involve a lot of work on entry doors, they are fast when compared to installations. They are also cheaper and convenient for minor damages.

1.Cost of repairing an Interior Door

The cost of replacing an interior door is determined by its size and design. It can be given per linear foot or for the entire door. If you replace the whole door, prepare to spend between $113 and $222. When spending per linear foot, it is $7 to $14. When repairing your interior door according to the amount of damage, you spend from $51 to $141.

  • Sliding or bypass door repair: their repair focuses on rollers and the track. To have these repairs, you will need a bypass closet kit or a sliding door track kit. These kits cost from $12 to $240.
  • Barn door repair: their repair is mostly done on rollers. For you to carry out these repairs, you will need its tracking kit that costs between $170 and $300. You can also get it at $600 from artisan hardware.
  • Frame repair for Interior French door: when done by a professional, an interior French door repair can cost you $10 when charged per linear foot.

2.Interior Door Frame Kit

Fixing the interior of a door requires replacing the frame or the pre-hung door. Their frame kits costs from $109 to $440.

3.Pocket Door Replacement and Repair Costs

The price of repairing or replacing a pocket door with its components depends on its size and complexity. While replacements will cost you between $184 and $336, repairs will cost you from $40 to $280.

4.Cost of Replacing Exterior Door Frames

The material used in making the exterior doors frame determines how much you are going to spend to replace it. Typically, you can spend between $112 and $382 per frame, or $7 to $ 20 when paying per linear foot.

5.Sliding Door Frame Repair

The repairs for sliding and swing patio doors are done on the rollers and the track. You will need a repair kit for either door that costs between $8 and $35.

6.Repair vs. Replacement

Sometimes, replacing a door is more cost-effective than repairing it. In cases where your door is rotten or is experiencing a series of damages, the replacement option is the best.

On the other hand, when your door is still in good shape and has slight damage, repairing it is the best option. It is less costly as well as long-lasting.

Types of Door Frames

  • Wood: it is a preferable material and is usually made from specific softwood like hemlock, fir, and pine.
  • Vinyl and composite: they are good in insulation, are durable and resistant to scratch.
  • Fiberglass: they are resistant to harsh weather, durable and are good insulators.
  • Aluminum: they are light, strong, and durable.

Issues that Are Common in Door Frames

Common problems that lead to entry doors frames needing repair include:

  • Broken hardware or locks
  • Damaged doors

7.Repairing the Door Slab

A door slab costs $300 to repair when done by a professional for a six-inch hole. A 1/8’’ hole costs $16.

While replacing entry doors slab, you will spend between $32 and $673 depending on the material you use.

8.Cost of Repairing a Broken Door Frame

Again, the material used in making the exterior doors frame is a significant factor. You can spend from $99 to $300 on broken frames and $17 when charged per linear foot.

9.Cost of Repairing a Door Jamb

For professionally repaired jamb, you will spend $360 or $7.40 when spending per linear foot. If you DIY, the jamb kit will cost you $33 to $70.

10.Cost of Repairing Rotten Door Frame

This repair is a DIY repair, and you will spend between $15 and $45 to have it complete.

11.Safety Additions

Amputations are common during commercial repairs. Since you do not know when a person may decide to cross through your work in progress, use a hinge guard. It will cost you $24 to keep everyone safe.

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