The concept of Sunday suspense

The new Sunday suspense is one of the best radio programs that air in the West Bengal and has a huge fan following. This is very much popular among the people of Bengal mainly because of the mythological reasons. This is not only a program but also a well-wisher of the best of the literary works of all time.

The first episode came in the year 2009 and was super duper hit and gained a lot of popularity. The concept collaborated with the sincere efforts of the best of the radio jockeys and the show gained a lot of appreciation from the people and the people are very much loyal to the show. The show is being run for a decade. The credit of the success lies with the best of the voice artists and they perform so well on different occasions that their efforts are unbeatable.

Some of the most common and best stories have been mentioned as follows:

  • The story of hunger of septopas:

This was published in the year 1961 and is one of the best tales of all time. The story revolves around filmmaking, direction, and the writing industry. This is the most favorite story of the people who follow the Sunday suspense even from the religious point of view.

There are 3 characters and there is a dog and revolves around the adventures that are linked with a tree called septopas. The story leaves the people horrified and surprised and keeps them engaged all the time.

  • The story of professor shonku and box from Baghdad:

The person named Satyajit Ray is the maestro of film making but even his literary works have also surprised the people and gave goosebumps through his amazing imagination. Professor shonku is the main character and the story revolves around his world of science so that the readers never feel bored at any time.

He is one of the expeditions from the Baghdad. The person gets the experience of the imaginary nights which are Arabian and in this way he along with his companions enjoys a lot. The story was first published in the year 1969. Many reasons in the story help the people to never disappoint the listeners and in this way, they are engaged all the time.

  • The story of moti bibi’s dargah:

This is the most requested story on the radio and people always enjoy it. The writer has been always so close with the Bengali literature and in this way, they always have been successful in keeping the readers engaged.

The story has the parental warnings for the children. The story revolves around a person who falls from the bus and has to take the refuge in the mot bibi’s dargah. The experience is too good and in this way the listeners are never bored with these kinds of contents.

Such is the nature of the beautiful Sunday suspense so that they keep the people engaged and always help to satisfy them. The radio jockeys are so talented that they keep the listeners captivated all the time.

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