The Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers For Your Next Road Trip

Although most people prefer to throw everything into the trunk of their vehicle, sometimes, the space is too small to fit all these things.

So, in that case, do you just leave them behind?

No. Instead, you can buy a rooftop cargo carrier. These storage cases or bags are fitted on your vehicle’s rooftop, so you don’t have to leave anything behind.

Which are the best ones to buy? Here are the best five.

1. Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box

We did test the Thule Pulse cargo box, and we found it to be an excellent product to take the top spot in this article.

The medium option has a load capacity of 110 pounds and a rugged and durable construction. Users also commend the brand for offering a FastGrip quick-mount system, a central locking system, and a Thule comfort key – which you can only remove when you securely close all the locking points.

2. Roofpax Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Roofpax is a renowned brand that offers a wide variety of storage options for traveling hobbyists. The car Top Carrier Bag they sell is affordable and offers up to 23 cubic feet of extra space to store most of the items you need for your trip.

When you buy this bag, you’ll get up to 6 door hook straps, SBS waterproof double zippers, and nifco buckles. By the way, the bag is waterproof.

3. Fivklemnz Car Roof Bag Cargo Carrier

If you are looking for a budget-friendly rooftop cargo carrier, this one right here can be your go-to. The brand, FIVKLEMNZ, offers two sizes, the 15 and 21 cubic feet options.

Something you’ll love about this bag is that it has a soft but waterproof shell. It’s also durable, and the package comes with the required installation and an anti-slip mat to keep the cargo in place even when driving through a rough road.

4. SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo

For travellers looking for a large cargo carrier that you can place on any car, the SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo will do. Although this item is a bit pricey, something we love about it is the materials used to make it – ABS material.

ABS increases durability and enhances water resistance. The other thing about this carrier is its sizable storage space, a lock and key, and mounting hardware.

5. SkyBox 16 Carbonite Cargo Roof Box

This cargo roof box is a product from YAKIMA. We loved its versatility since you can use it on any car, including a wagon or SUV.

The material used to make this product is carbonite. It keeps the items inside safe from destruction and water. It also has internal lid stiffeners, which make it easy to open and increase durability. The brand offers up to four sizes, including 41, 47, 52, and 62 pounds.

Final Words

The following rooftop cargo carriers are the best we’ve seen so far. With them, we can assure you that you’ll get enough space to store the things you need for your road trip. Ensure that you analyze each of them critically to buy one that fits your specific needs and budget.

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