The Best Reasons Why Everyone Loves Accent Chairs – and Why You Should Have More Than One

The benefits of accent chairs are pretty evident to interior design specialists, but to the ordinary person who just wants to decorate and accentuate their home, accent chairs may be one of those furniture pieces that are relegated to the back burner. But any interior designer will be able to tell you how integral an accent chair can be to any room in your home, and if you want to give your home those final finishing touches that can make it look truly unique, an accent chair is a wonderful choice. Accent chairs can vary in terms of style, function, and form, but it is often a standalone piece that can give a room a brilliant focal point. But what are the best reasons why everyone loves accent chairs – and why should you have more than one? Let’s find out.

  • They are incredibly useful

Accent chairs are amazingly versatile, and any space can benefit from the addition of an accent chair provided you choose the chair with the particular space and area in mind. You can place an accent chair at the entrance of your home, in a foyer or hallway, for example, and it can serve as a welcome seat for your guests and give your foyer and hallway a more appealing, cosy look as well. Here’s one tip: it’s best to choose just a few accent chairs for your home; perhaps one in each room – you don’t want the chairs to overwhelm other pieces of furniture, but you want it to complement the other pieces and perhaps become a focal point for the space, too.

  • They can balance a room out

You can choose accent chairs to balance a room out – to give it a different look and perspective. If you have a masculine room, for instance, you can opt for a more ‘feminine’ type of accent chair so that it balances the feel of the room. The same goes if you have a ‘feminine’ room; you can opt for an accent chair in a more masculine, sturdy and robust style so it can complement the other pieces of furniture and give your room a more cohesive look. If you have a room filled with pieces of furniture in wood, you can choose to have an accent chair in metal to balance out the wood. The contrast makes the room look more interesting, and the accent chair essentially ties the room together.

  • They come in a range of styles and sizes

As already mentioned, accent chairs are iconic chairs that can come in a range of styles, forms, and designs, and you can choose one based on your preference and sense of style as well as the impact you would like the chair to make. The best accent chairs need not be bold and fancy – they can just be simple and elegant as long as they work for your space.

With the right accent chair, you can liven up a ‘dead spot’ such as an empty stairwell, you can provide a contrast with other elements, and you can boost and emphasise a room’s character. Accent chairs are great – and it’s time you had one for every room in your home.

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