The best iPhone Data recovery and Backup software

The market is full of many alternatives for iPhone data recovery software.  You can purchase software online or from the local computer stores depending on the method you will be convenient with you. Dr.Fone is one of the top free iPhone data recovery software that is in the market.

If you need data recovery software, you need to understand what makes the software ideal. The data recovery industry is full of software, but not all will help you recover all your lost data. Always remember to consider the following factors.

Features of a good data recovery software

Type of data to recover

Different types of data take various data recovery software to get you back your data lost like password, databases, and email. Some software is useful in recovering data lost, deleted, or crushed from the storage media or disk.

One of the best things with Dr.Fone data recovery software is that they help you recover all the data lost.

The type of file is supported.

Most data recovery software are limited to several files; they can recover data on a given system.  Dr.Fone is the world number one data recovery for iPhones and iPad data. It restores data directly from iCloud, iPhone, and iTunes backup files.

Ease to use

Data recovery is either done offline or online whenever data is lost. When making a recovery, you need to be assured that the interface you are using is simple to follow and get your data.

The recovery process can be hurting if the interface is complicated, and you might lose more data. Dr.Fone data recovery software uses an interface that is simple to follow when recovering data.

How to backup iPhone 6 using Dr.Fone toolkit

Other than iCloud and iTunes backup, you can use your iPhone 6 in backing up your data through Dr.Fone data recovery tool.  Dr.Fone iOS data recovery is a top recovery tool that is useful in restoring lost data and backup data.

The system allows you to preview that data you are restoring from your backup to ensure that it is the correct item. Dr.Fone data Recovery system restore and backup allow you to restore and export all the recovered data onto your computer or mac.

The software will ensure that you will not further lose any data during these processes. The program is compatible with all iOS like iPhone 8, X, and available on the various versions.

Method 1 backup iPhone 6

Step 1: Launch Dr.Fone software and choose a backup

Download our Dr.Fone software from our official website and install it on your computer. Once installed, connect your iPhone 6 through a USB cable.

Launch the Dr.Fone data recovery software to detect your iPhone device.  Once detected, select the iOS backup option that appears on the screen.

Step 2: Choose the backup mode

There are two modes that you can choose standard backup or encrypted backup options. With the encrypted back, you can accompany it with a password. This option helps to protect the private data that you don’t want to share. Once you have selected the option, click the start button.

Step 3: Select the data you need to backup

Once you click the start button, Dr.Fone software will show you the type of file you can backup. The software allows you to choose from photos, call history, videos, contacts, and messages.

You are free to choose the data file you wish to backup selectively. After choosing the file you want to backup, click the next button to finish the process.

Step 4: Wait for the process to complete

After that click, Dr.Fone software will begin to backup your data from your iPhone 6 device. Once the process is complete, the software will automatically display its size and name.  If you want to backup more, you can click the backup more option.

How to backup iPhone using iTunes

Using the iTunes option for backup provides you with the ability to encrypt your iPhone 6 backup. The problem with encrypted backup is that it is hard to access the backup account once you forgot our password. Here are key steps on how to backup your iPhone 6 using iTunes

  • Download and install the latest iTunes version on your MAC or Windows
  • Connect your iPhone 6 with your computer using a USB cable
  • Begin iTunes on your computer
  • Select the scheme tab and choose the summary
  • On the backup option that appears on the screen, click it. Once you have done this, the backup process will start backing up your iPhone 6 data.

How to backup iPhone 6 using iCloud

There are two different ways of backing up your iPhone 6 using iCloud. They include

Automatic backup iPhone 6

iCloud automatically backs up your necessary data on your iPhone 6 is vital and convenient. To achieve this you

  • Launch the iCloud setting software on your home screen.
  • Log in to your iCloud
  • Scroll down and click on the backup option
  • Click on the icon on the iCloud backup to enable automatic backup. Once you have turned on the icon, the iCloud backup will automatically run when connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

Manual backup iPhone 6

Manual backup is the second option that you have to back up your data on your own. The option involves simple steps

  • Go to your setting
  • Open your iCloud and select the backup
  • Click backup on

Final thought

There is so many iPhone Data recovery software in the market. Some are good for offline use, while others are good for online use. Choosing the best, you need to understand the software’s features and how safe they will backup and restore your data.

Dr.Fone data recovery is top-notch software that can help you to recover iPhone data after restore. Backup of your iPhone 6 using our Dr.Fone data recovery software is simple.

You can either use iTunes or iCloud in backing up. If you want to ensure that all your data is safely backed up, then Dr.Fone data recovery is the ideal software for you.

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