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The city of Madrid shines in the field of medicine, as eight of its public hospitals are among the best hospitals in the world, according to a ranking by Newsweek magazine, which was based on a survey of more than 40,000 healthcare experts (including physicians and other health professionals) in 20 countries. You can learn about the medical centers and institutions that are popular on a global level, on this website:

Madrid is also home to the best public hospitals in Spain. With this in mind, it is not surprising that most foreigners traveling to Spain for temporary or permanent residence choose Madrid as their destination.

It is also one of the main reasons why many health professionals from other countries decide to travel to Madrid to practice medicine. Either because they want to nurture their career and expand their curriculum through such experience, because the working conditions in their country of origin are not good, or because it is simply part of a dream to fulfill. Many even embark on the adventure of joining the Madrid health system without knowing Spanish, to learn the language during their stay. An excellent alternative for them is to learn Spanish in Expanish, or some other language school for foreigners.

In many of these institutions, foreign study programs are carried out to facilitate the incorporation of the language. Learning is promoted by encouraging professionals to take a spanish course madrid to communicate without difficulties while doing their work.

Which health centers are placed in this list of the best hospitals in the world?

Well, as we were saying, t hospitals in the Community of Madrid are among the best hospitals in the world, considering ten medical specialties.

First, we will mention the eight institutions and then focus on the specialties.

The hospital centers on the list are Gregorio Marañón, La Paz, 12 de Octubre, Clinico San Carlos, Ramón y Cajal, La Princesa, Hijo Jesus, and Infanta Leonor.

Gregorio Marañón and La Paz have managed to get a position in all the analyzed specialties: Endocrinology, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Digestive System, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Pneumology, Pediatrics, Orthopedic Surgery, and Traumatology.

To know which are the best hospitals in each of the specialties we have mentioned, Newsweek has assisted a global market research company, the Statist. The data were collected between June and August this year, and both public and private hospitals were considered.

Now, if we rely on each specialty, many more Madrid hospitals appear on the list. Let’s see


Six public hospitals in Madrid are positioned:

La Paz (position 19)
Gregorio Marañón (position 28)
San Carlos Clinic (position 65)
Ramón y Cajal (position 113)
12 de Octubre (position 170)
La Princesa (position 190)

Heart surgery

Gregorio Marañón (position 29)
La Paz (position 51)
12 de Octubre (position 80)
San Carlos Clinic (position 102)


Niño Jesús Children’s Hospital (position 40)
La Paz (position 59)
Gregorio Marañón (position 78)

Digestive system

Ramón y Cajal (position 35)
12 de Octubre (position 89)
Gregorio Marañón (position 92)
La Paz (position 107)
San Carlos Clinic (position 119).


La Paz (position 34)
Gregorio Marañón (position 41)
Ramón y Cajal (position 73)
San Carlos Clinic (position 77)
Infanta Leonor (position 94)


La Paz (position 35)
San Carlos Clinic (position 90)
Gregorio Marañón (position 92)
Ramón y Cajal (position 117)


12 de Octubre (position 43)
Gregorio Marañón (position 44)
La Paz (position 63)
San Carlos Clinic (position 125)


La Paz (position 18)
12 de Octubre (position 59)
Gregorio Marañón (position 68)
San Carlos Clinic (position 88)
Ramón y Cajal (127)


Gregorio Marañón (position 17)
12 de Octubre (position 34)
La Paz (position 45)

Orthopedic surgery and traumatology

La Paz (position 19)
Gregorio Marañón (Post 87)

The Madrid hospitals that appear in the ranking of the best 200 hospitals in the world

Newsweek magazine not only classifies the best hospitals based on specialties but also ranks the best hospitals in the world in general terms. In the Ranking of 2022, there have been 6 Madrid hospitals that have managed to occupy a position among the 200 best.

In this ranking, there are three Madrid hospitals in the top 100 positions and three others in the range of 100 and 200. Let’s see which are:

La Paz (occupying position 51)
Gregorio Marañón (occupying position 67)
12 de Octubre (occupying the 96th position)

The hospitals that follow in the ranking (from the 100th place) are only accommodated in alphabetical order; the position is no longer counted. They are:

San Carlos Clinic
Ramón y Cajal
Jimenez Díaz Foundation

It has been three consecutive years in which the magazine has published this ranking. The centers that are part of it stand out for providing excellence constantly, having available the most distinguished doctors and specialists available, having the best cutting-edge technology, and offering a nursing service of the highest level.

This list of the best hospitals (World’s Best Hospital) takes into account public hospitals and also those that are private from 25 different countries, among which are: Germany, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India, Poland, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Thailand, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Israel, Denmark, and Singapore.

The health reputation monitor

As can be seen, based on the results of the study, Madrid has a health service of excellence as very few cities in the world do so. But in addition, in a survey conducted by one of the most prestigious firms in the world of legal advice and audits, the MRS (health reputation monitor), in which 2,280 medical services are evaluated in 23 categories; the public hospitals of Madrid occupy the First three positions on more than 40 occasions.

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