The Best Hamilton Watches You Can Buy Right Now

Hamilton, as a brand, maybe the perfect combination of American watchmaking heritage with Swiss manufacturing prowess. One of the more muted brands in terms of marketing, Hamilton has been producing top of the line watches since its conception, but it stopped it’s American production in 1969 and went on to mergers to become the company it is today.

Now a part of the Swatch Group, Hamilton is up there against the conglomerate’s top brands and is one of its luxury watch brands. Although the company’s demographic is with the in-the-know crowd, it’s becoming more and more connected and leading up to the younger, chicer crowd. With Blancpain and Tissot alongside, it hopes to get in with that target market.

If you are looking for a starter luxury watch that won’t break the bank and is not frowned upon by connoisseurs worldwide, a Hamilton is a safe bet. It will get you the nod of approval, and maybe, if you’re more discerning on the models you purchase, it will be a conversation starter. So here are the best Hamilton watches in the market today, for your education:

Hamilton American Classic

Hamilton was a classic American watch company. That much is a given. So this line, especially the one in the black dial in skeleton presentation is as pretty and visceral a watch can get. It’s the perfect watch for everyday use: not too shabby-looking and not too pedestrian that it will drown in a sea of Seikos and Pateks.

The Hamilton American Classic collection is big. With a whopping 10 lines under it, from quartz to chronographs, your choices are immense. We’ve mentioned the Railroad Skeleton Auto as having the best presentation, but the watches in the Intramatic Chrono line may be the most accurate in the collection.

So if you want something understated yet powerful enough to compete with the accuracy of some of the world’s top watches – Rolexes, Omegas, Tag Heuer’s, this is the one to get. Omega watches, in particular, are known for their precision and craftsmanship, with models like the Speedmaster and Seamaster gaining popularity among watch enthusiasts. Plus, most people don’t know Hamilton yet is as a watch brand, so it’ll certainly be an interesting timepiece for them.

Hamilton Broadway

This collection under the Hamilton brand is the quintessential city watch. Inspired by the daily hustle and bustle of cities worldwide, the collection holds 3 lines: Day-Date Auto, Day-Date Quartz and Auto Chrono. The Day-Date Auto and Quartz have the same strip of line in the middle of their dials, while the Auto Chrono has two chronographs instead.

Get the Auto Chrono in 43mm with the subtle yet elegant silver-black dial for everyday office use. Backed with the in-house H-30 movement, it integrates day and time seamlessly without the worry of power loss. With a whopping 80 hours of power reserve, it’s a beast when compared to other luxury watches which only carries 60, or the standard 50.

The Day-Date Quartz is also a good steal. Plus, it’s priced way lower than its siblings, but you get all the features of the Broadway line except the movement. While quartz is highly frowned upon by the “purists” in the community, it’s safe to say that the Broadway won’t be, as it has the looks and bearings of a classic Hamilton watch. They won’t even know it’s quartz even on closer inspection.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation

One of the more popular collections under the Hamilton brand, the Khaki Aviation is a celebration of the brand’s origin in America and the importance of accurate watches for pilots. The collection signifies pilot watches being one of humanity’s best testament of craftsmanship, and that in itself is a triumph for the brand.

Under this collection is a vast array of lines that features the individual watch’s main feature. The X Wind Day Date Auto Chrono line boasts of the accuracy of Hamilton’s chronographs, with opposing textures from the watch material and bands. A number of watches in this collection have been immortalized in movies and TV as well, so you get the clout that comes along with it.


Hamilton watches are classic American representations of greatness. Alongside Swiss watchmaking branding, the brand has elevated itself to the realm of the greats in the industry. With a depth in its watch collections that rivals any luxury watchmaker, it holds its own against some run-of-the-mill watch companies out there today.

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