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The world is turning to create, read, and publish documents by using online documentation tools. Creating online documentation is becoming quite challenging for the authoring process without the right Documentation tool. To overcome these challenges, ClickHelp – a feature-rich cloud-based solution in the form of videos, images, feedbacks, etc. comes forward with unique opportunities for users in a single portal. ClickHelp is an advanced and modern online documentation tool for the technical writer to create online documentation and printed manuals.

Each authoring process requiring some unique features, ClickHelp designed to give all the features such as flexibility, single sourcing, and content reuse, support more than 20 integrations, report in-depth analytics with higher reliability and security. This browser-based Help Authoring Tool has the interface of a documentation portal for all types of documentation authoring teams. This tool can be used to create, update, manage, and publish online educational material, user manuals, video tutorials, FAQs, and other printed material matching your company style in CHM, eBooks, DOCX, PDF, HTML5 or in many other formats. ClickHelp makes fast and effortlessly migration of the content from Microsoft Word, HTML, ODT, RTF, CHM, Robohelp, MadCap Flare, Help and Manual, Doc-to-Help, or many other tools. Multiple outputs files can be created from this single source by exporting to HTML5, PDF, DOCX, WebHelp, eBook, or many other formats. This tool outdates the manual handling of 10 versions of a word document by offering fast and immediate solutions in various formats.

With this Online Documentation Tool, you can easily customize your documentation look and portal exactly like your company website by using its advanced and flexible branding configuration features. This tool offers both ready-to-use templates to ready your manuals for quick delivery. Our branding team will help to choose the exact design you need and ultimate flexibility to customize the background, color font, style by using plenty of customization options, for the portal branding.

Everything starts with creating the project where you write the topic-based content to get a user manual published online and accessible to readers in this online documentation tool. It helps the authors to manage and review all documentation and multiple projects in a single place with customized review workflow and hosting options. With its team functionality, multiple authors can work together in collaboration on the same documentation projects and assignments with an easy review process removing the need of sending unlimited communication emails. This online documentation tool helps to organize your teamwork process and projects by having the content of different authors on multiple topics at the same time.

It also offers patented full-text search engine documentation search from the entire portal or just a specific set of user guides. This online software documentation tool has the feature to integrate any live chatbot or real agent for live assistance to the visitors and customers.

Being an online documentation tool, you can greatly improve your visibility on the web and giving you the online user manual SEO effect. Create context help for web applications by generating ready to use HTML code to insert into any HTML-based UI. This tool gives high security to the customer data by adopting a high-quality hosting facility, data encryption, and uptime monitoring to ensure the safety of the entire documentation portals.

This online Documentation tool is currently operated in 93 countries, trusted by 25 thousand users, and served more than 40 million topic views. You can easily sign on ClickHelp on various cross platforms and browsers such a Microsoft Window, Mac, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome.

Get your one-month free trial to this advanced online Documentation Tool by registering and creating your documentation portal to enjoy its all features with full-text search, easy to navigate interface, and password protected sign in. ClickHelp is a flexible online documentation tool to fit any budget, you can enjoy all of its features in your authoring process by getting a free trial.

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