The average timeline for a wrongful death claim to go to court

Wrongful deaths are the most misfortune thing that can happen to any family. In many states, the citizens can file a complaint as per the wrongful death claim and get the compensation for the murder. Even though it is a prevalent issue, wrongful death can happen in various ways, but many people are still unaware of this claim. Some legal firms and lawyers are helping people claim this case; one of them is Grossman law offices; they will file the suit and assist you in all the relevant legal matters.

What is wrongful death?

It is generally thought that medical malpractice is formally known as wrongful death, but it is not the case. These two things are different. Wrongful death is a lot different and broader than the so-called medicine malpractices.

As the name implies, the wrongful death depicts sudden unintentional negligence by a person or an institution that may lead to another person’s death. This negligence would be considered criminal negligence; the criminal will be fined or punished as per the law of the state.

How long will it take to complete?

The timeline for this suit starts when you hire a lawyer and call upon a law firm to help you. So, the first step, in this case, will be the investigation. No professional lawyer will file the lawsuit without probing deep into the matter and find the gist of the argument. Two typical cases happen when a complainant wishes to present such issues in court.

  1. Most of the time, the filer did not make a complaint to the related police station about the wrongful death; in such cases, this may take a while.
  2. On the other hand, some responsible people took this matter to the police, and there the police department did their investigations.

In the second scenario, the lawyers or the law firm can easily gather the evidence. It will consequently speed up the process, and the case will end up soon, with a shorter timeline. For instance, on reading the first information report, the lawyers found out who the witness was and the suspected culprit. The case would become a lot easier to understand and all set for further investigations.

Cases that can take a longer time

Many suits for the wrongful deaths close quite fast, but those who are challenging to understand and the cause of death is a bit vague can take years. If, for example, somebody died in a car accident, but he did not have any apparent injuries, then nobody can tell if it was the accident that made him die.

Thus, in those cases where the liability is clear, it will be easier and fast to close the suit, contrary to it, if there are things to be uncovered and work to be done. This suit might take over a year, provided that the state and the working institutions are active and developed. Moreover, as each state has its statute of limitations for the wrongful death and without sound legal knowledge, we cannot pursue such cases.

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