The 5 Best Text Messaging Marketing Apps Of 2024

SMS marketing has become extremely popular in the last year or so and companies are doubling down on creating text marketing campaigns. The reason for this change in strategy is primarily due to the over-saturation of email marketing which is the only direct alternative to SMS. While new avenues are also opening every day, SMS is an option that can provide the largest potential customer base by far for any business. To make sure your business can also take advantage of text message marketing, we are sharing a list of top text messaging marketing app options that you can choose from.

1. Podium

Finding a service that can match the revolutionary approach that Podium has created towards marketing is quite difficult. It has grown into a competent platform that allows businesses to market themselves and has options for getting feedback from customers and sharing customized content via SMS and other routes. The integration for tools is also quite good in it and you can also add special features like payment collection to this platform. It is a comprehensive solution that covers more than just the marketing aspect of your business.

2. EZ Texting

The name of this app defines exactly what you get with it. Considered to be one of the best text message marketing software available right now, it is extremely easy to use, and you can set up your first campaign in no time at all. The interface is also quite simple, and you can master it in a remarkably short time. However, you also get to perform other complex tasks like integrating other tools, setting custom campaign parameters, and so much more. The only limitation with EZ Texting is that it is available to customers in the USA and Canada only.

3. Birdeye

If you have a business that operates in several different locations, then Birdeye can be a great asset for you. It provides an all-inclusive service that also covers text message marketing quite thoroughly. The ability to integrate your campaigns with other platforms allows you to maximize the reach of your business and gain maximum potential customers. It also allows you to track customer experiences and take feedback that you can use to improve your services. Being a highly rated platform means countless businesses are already using it to enhance their customer base and are happy with the results.

4. ActiveCampaign

Globally accepted as a powerful app for marketing and customer experience improvement, ActiveCampaign is an app that you cannot overlook if you want to improve your business growth. With complete integration for a wide range of marketing and experience management tools, it also allows you to define highly customized text messaging campaigns and even automate UX features to a massive degree. The app also has a very manageable learning curve and in the right hands, ActiveCampaign can truly be a force to reckon with!

5. Sendinblue

Another all-in-one solution that businesses all over the world use every day to create campaigns for a wide range of platforms, including text messaging. You could use this app to manage your company’s entire online marketing portfolio and it would still be effortless to do. The good thing about Sendinblue is that it offers different tiers to users, starting from a free option and going all the way to Enterprise solutions with limits sitting in a hundred thousand. The smooth scalability allows businesses to use it right from the beginning and continue using it as they expand in size.


All the apps shared here are quite powerful and have served their customers exceptionally well. Which of these do you think is the most suitable app for your business? Do let us know in the comments below.

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