The 3 Best Faucet Filters (Tried and Tested): Why You Should Purchase One

It has never been safe to drink tap water. That’s why you need to find the best faucet filters. With all the pollution happening, agricultural chemicals, and the chlorine used on municipal water, which is supposed to clean water before distribution, you can never be sure.

For that reason, it is important to make efforts and take measures to ensure that whatever water you and your family are using, especially in the kitchen, for any form of consumption is healthy water.

There are many ways to treat and cure your water before consumption. One of the effective measures to take is to filter or purify your water.

There are many water filtration systems that you can opt to buy depending on a couple of factors. These factors include;

  • Your budget
  • What components and contaminants your water have
  • What you want to filter out
  • Where you want your water filtered; kitchen, bathrooms, whole house etc.
  • What filters you prefer

Once you are able to determine the above factors, you can now safely embark on your journey to find the best filter that will suit your needs.

Faucet filters are one of the best filters that could suit your needs. While you could know the factors to determine before buying a faucet filter, it could be daunting and a hard task to find the best quality.

That is why in this article, you will learn about the best faucet filters, tried and tested. But first, let’s find out how they work and their installation process, shall we?

How does Faucet Filters Work

There are different types, kinds, and brands of water filters in the market, which could only mean that how they all work, could slightly differ. Read to know more about them.

The concept and the basis are the same. Faucet filters mainly depend on cartridge filters to perform their duties. The filters are installed in the faucet aerators where they filter water as water runs out of the tap.

It is important to note that this type of filtration doesn’t purify water; it only filters your water. The two mean different things. It is meant to improve water by 20% of what it was.

So, this method is best where you want to eliminate some metals and contaminants. It also best works to get rid of chlorine and improve the taste and smell of your water. It may not be effective where water is extremely dangerous.

The Installation Process

Installing faucet filters might be the easiest. When you order, the package comes with the filter as well as almost all the components needed for a successful installation, including an easy to follow manual. Some even come with tape, just in case.

There are also a ton of videos to help you out, or you can just call for assistance from the manufacturers’ customer support team if need be.

Advantages of Faucet Filters

There is a reason why faucet filters are one of the most common filters used today.

Whether you are looking to buy your first ever filtration system, or you have been using a different kind of water filters and you and you just want to try out faucet filters, Here are some reasons not to have a second thought;

  • Faucet filters are cheaper compared to other methods of water filtration. While it can filter just as much as some other more expensive filters, this could be your go-to if you are on a tight budget.
  • They don’t waste water as they filter water as it runs out the tap.
  • They have low maintenance. You don’t need to change filter every other day.
  • The longevity of filter depends on the type of filter and how busy your tap is. They can last up to 4 months.
  • They come with filter sensors that alert you when it’s time for filter replacements.

The 3 Best Faucet Filters

That that you know how filters work and the advantages of having one, here are the 3 best faucet filters you get.

1. iSpring DF2-CHR Faucet Mount Filters

This is one of the most affordable faucet filters from one of the best-known manufacturers.

They are cheaper and give the best value for their price. They can last up to 500 gallons before you need to replace the filter.

You can be sure of healthy water free from heavy metals, chlorine, and other harmful chemical compounds. They can also handle up to 176 degrees of hot water, which makes them exceptional.

2. Waterdrop Faucet Filtration System

If you don’t like the smell and taste of your water, then you might as well want to get a waterdrop faucet.

It uses an Active Carbon Fiber (ACF), has pre, post, and filtration stages, bringing out healthy and high-quality water free of chlorine, fluoride, lead, and other heavy metals and contaminants.

These are easy to install and can last up to 320 gallons before filter replacement.

3. Brita Tap Water Faucet Filter

The next on this list is the Brita Tap water faucet filter. These eliminate up to 99% of more than 80 harmful components and contaminants.

Depending on the level of sediments being filtered and how much water you are filtering, they can last up to 4 months before filter replacement is needed.

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