In any company or organization there is a huge combination of employees who work together with different competencies and capabilities. Other than that, everyone is different in nature level of self-enthusiasm. while working repeatedly with same pace, and that sometimes decreases the competency of working which leads to low quality of work with delays of work. in that scenario companies most often adopt boosting strategies, for example:

  • Giving thankyou emails after interview, which would enhance confidence while joining new work environment.
  • Arrange award ceremonies, in which award is distrusted to the hard workers and competent employees which would boost them to work more effectively.
  • By sending thankyou notes after every small task is completed, that would maintain employee’s confidence.
  • By providing bonus to the deserving employee would bring them in competing and task building to achieve another level.

Sometimes the environment becomes so boring and tensed, that employees gets easily underestimated and demotivated. in a survey, it was observed that most often employees are not shown gratitude, so they thank themselves for any task they complete, also it has been observed that they celebrate their own success with their own company to motivate oneself.

There have been so many work and researches done over this topic, and it can be noted that there are so many websites out there who can help in writing thankyou notes after interview. Just as Patrick Algrim of said, “Our thank you email after interview guide can help you craft and send the highest performing note or letter.”

in most of the cases it has been observed that many people don’t like to receive a huge bundle of compliments all the time , number of sweet words can freak them out , so it is important to focus on how words can be articulated to express compliment , the words that could be used should not be so high – yet not so low. The words that are being used to express gratitude should show true and sincere comment for employee. by true and sincere comments means giving motivation message by going through what efforts he has been doing and, in the end, also let him know that would points could make him more improved.

also, for those employees who have worked hard yet could not achieve the target they should be motivated by letting them know what 1 point is missing to complete that web of success. that would lead them to work to get the progress. otherwise they would be laying at the same pace of their level. boosting employees would also be beneficial for the organization’s success and progress. It would enhance confidence to interact in social gatherings and give strength to resolve all the circumstances,

acknowledging your employees would also lessen the turnover rate, and that would also increase the progress of the team / organization. it surely is a small activity but gives employees a feeling that they can grow in a team and share each other’s experience. It gives a boost and improves culture of the organization. the concluding line is that we should take care of this little things to give boost to the employees in order to get favorable results and that would decrease the depression of the employees and make them feel more enthusiastic.

just as one researcher said, “appreciation changes the day, and can also have effect over life. Willingness to interrogate words plays necessary role”.

This is also has been observed that when bosses emerge themselves into the team member, that would increase chances of more understanding g and that would increase more chances to mitigate with each other and take out good solution for any project, or task to be completed.

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