Ten Home Decor Ideas to Keep Your Room Warm During the Winters

When the weather changes and the temperature gets low in the winters, our body performance also gets slow. It’s a known fact that winters do make us lazy. We don’t feel like working out or going for a walk. Also, we are not interested in doing any other outdoor activity, this is because we feel lethargic all the time. Change of weather is natural and uncontrollable but what we can control is the temperature of our rooms to make it more cozy and warm during the winter season. For example, putting up blackout curtains to keep the room warm.

Following are the ten home décor ideas to keep your room warm and cozy during winters:

1. Aluminum foil or reflective sheets – Shelter the wall

Wallpaper is a good source to give a visual impact of the warmth in the room. It is common to use it on the walls and ceilings to beautify the room and give it a cozy touch. These can also be used on the interior of drawers or the bottom of the shelves. You can use designs like country patterns, vintage, botanical designs or traditional patterns. Moreover, select deep and dark colors for your wallpapers as the deep colors will give a fall/winter vibe to your room. For example, you can use gray, navy blue, green, burgundy or violet.

2. Do Not Place the Furniture in Front of the Heaters

If you put the furniture in front of the heating unit then the heat from the heaters will not spread throughout the room. Such as the sofa, it will absorb all the heat from the heater. However, if your house or room has a high shelf then you can place the portable heaters on top of the shelf. This way the hot air can circulate in the entire room without any obstruction.

3. Thick Curtains

The open window is one of the leading causes of hot air leaking through. If you use thermally lined curtains, you will prevent heat from escaping in winter and from entering in summer. It would help if you prefer to use thick curtains with plastic or polar materials. If the door opens and closes a lot in your house, it would help if you put thick curtains near the door. Ultimately, it would prevent the chilly air to enter your room.

5. Cover Air Currents

You should use weather-strips on windows and doors to avoid any cold air to enter your room. For the floor, use carpets, and if there are cracks or gaps in the floor, it is not a bad idea to apply some grout filler on them.

Remember, you must set the thermostat of the heater at the appropriate temperature. You should prevent waste of energy, set the thermostat at 21ºC and try not to exceed since it is an ideal temperature. Although the temperature can indeed vary from one room to another, in the bathroom, it is your choice to increase the temperature up to 22ºC. The places that are not in use can vary up to 18ºC.

6. The Warmth and Beauty of the Wood

The wood is natural, beautiful, and looks very elegant. They are one of the warmest materials that contribute to a cozy environment of the room. They consist of materials that prevent from cold, such as beams, in-floor form, and wall coverings. The wooden tables and chairs add the much-desired warmth and uniqueness to the room. It is also a source of comfort and provides elegance in the room.

Therefore, if you are lucky enough to have robust wooden beams at home, leave them exposed and take advantage of their beauty. They will be perfect in spaces decorated according to the keys of the new rustic and trendy style.

Wooden pavements are another essential object if you want a warm space in winter. Walking barefoot on these floors can make you feel very pleasant. Furthermore, these wooden floors add beauty to your room with a classic touch.

In case the wood as a warm natural material is your favorite, you will love the walls covered with boards or wooden slats. You can put them yourself halfway up to create a frieze, a ceiling, or even you can line the wall completely.

7. Add Carpets and Rugs

Winters are a good reason to place a pleasant, soft, and fluffy carpet if you want to warm up space. In the living room, in the bedroom, or the hall, as the outside the temperature rises, the need to warm up the house becomes essential. Thanks to the beautiful carpets and rugs available in the market, you can now spruce up your home.

Apart from providing comfort, they also help to decorate the room. You are suggested to select wool rugs with long hair in neutral tones, such as beige, light gray, and warm as toasted. Ethnic style rugs are also perfect for this reason. What do you think of the designs of Persian rugs or traditional kilims? They are fabulous.

8. Time for Fall Décor and Bedding

You must be aware of the universal fact that darker shades look best in fall or winter times as compared to the lighter colors which complement in summer times. Hence, select a warm dark colored comforter and matching pillows for your bedrooms. Likewise, the bedding should match with the comforter and pillows in dark shades. The pillows offer comfortable sleep, and a carpet provides warmth. All these ties beautifully when put together.

In summer, we stay far away from the things that make us feel warm. We do not let those things stick to our bodies. On the other hand, when winter comes, we find the perfect time to fill our room with fluffy cushions. Some physiotherapists also say that it is good to combine different prints and drawings to make your room more original and fun.

9. Place Autumn Plants

Every season has its variety of plants and flowers. Similarly, opt for the autumn variety of plants and flowers for your home. Visit a local nursery and ask them about those varieties. You would be pleasantly surprised that there are some plants in this season that look good when kept inside your home. This will give your home a fresh feeling. your favorite varieties do not occur during this season, opt for dried or preserved flowers and you will achieve a warm atmosphere. You can also get a dried-up plant or flower to give a rustic feel to your home.

10. The Fireplace

If there is something we all like about winter, it is the warmth of our home. There is no more obvious heat anywhere in the house than the place where there is a chimney. An electric heater can also do the job correctly. It helps to heat small spaces and gives a warm touch to our living room. However, having a fireplace near the sofa is pure glory!


Hopefully, with the help of these tips, you can warm up your home in no time. Yes it does require an effort and a little cost. But the rewards of decorating your home to welcome the winters are so worth it. Since you will be spending more time indoors so what better way to cozy up and feel more warm and comfortable in your home.

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