Techniques To Hide Cables And Make The House Safe

Cables and Wires

Cables and wires are instruments that help carries electricity to and from sources to equipment. These carriers are used in multiple occurrences in modern time. With how useful these components are to keep the lights and equipment running, they can also prove dangerous and hazardous.

Ways to Find these Items

You or anyone else obtain these from the DIY way or through a store. One can also choose help from any professional such as Tripsafe that can help you cover all the untied wires on the floors. Some stores may have ones that can match up to your needs, or you can find these items through online stores such as.

How Hazardous Open Wires and Cables are

Cables and wires are hazardous not only to yourself but also to kids, babies, and pets. Babies and pets could chew on these open wires. If they are gnawed on enough, it can expose the inner workings of these wires. Kids can play with, twist, turn, and breaking the cables and wiring that helps run the electricity. If that were to happen, it could lead to other dangers like fires, shocks, and potential deaths.

Safety Precautions

Safety precautions to take is to hide the wires and cables with protective lining. Avoid crimping or bending the cabling. Avoid foot traffic if possible by hiding it behind items or lining them up to the wall. Make sure that the cables are high enough to where a child can reach them and pull at it. Do not use staples hold these wirings up. If one has a flat-screen tv that goes up the wall, then use what the tv comes with to hide the wires or use other covers. Do not use extension cords on outlet surges. If wiring on the cord is hot to the touch, do not use.

Items to Use to Hide Pesky Cables

To keep your home or the workspace safe for walking, the family, and pets, the best thing to do is gathering supplies to hide the wirings. You and anyone else have done DIY projects to protect these wirings. They may have taken the form of cable carpets, running the wires through a PVC, or taping them down with the trusty duct tape. Well, there are ones that can provide a much safer route than the Do It Yourself route.

Cable Carpet

Cable carpet is a cover that easily applies itself to the carpet. It is decent for small areas or office spaces. The covering can hide five cables while still sticking the carpeted flooring. The carpet cover is not suitable for rugs. Test the covering to ensure that it can work on the carpet to ensure it won’t come off from footpaths.

Cable Tape

PVCs helps with keeping loose wires and cables from hanging around the place. It is better suited for hard floors like wood, tile, and other floorings. It can additionally work on the carpet as well. See if the PVC is suitable for hardwood flooring or carpeted floors. Best to see if one is doable for both kind of flooring. Certain PVCs can hide up to five different types of wires and cables to have a comfortable workspace.

Cable Wrap

Cable wraps is another easy way to maintain cable neatness and safety. Most cables wraps would come with velcro or attachments to hold the cable bundle in place. These wraps are easy to add or subtract cables of the bunch. Wraps can come in different sizes depending on where you would like to place them.

Places that would Need to Hide Unsightly Cables and Wires

These types of covers are used in different locations depending on what is needed or required:


For the multiple computers in one tight area all leading to a surge outlet. A break room with many electronics that are used in place outlet. If a printer or fax machine is in an awkward spot and wire must run from it to the closet plug. The wraps and covering can prove useful or PVC as well.

Publics Settings

Fairs, parks, or settings where cables and wires are needed to run an event that would have a lot of walking, pets, and children. Such as dog shows, where they have the carpet covers that runs under the stage. Daycares with children that don’t know how dangerous these things can are.

The Home

Your homes the safest place around as of right now. If the kids somehow get the wires out in the open. Having the wraps, carpet covers, or the PVC could hide these obstructions. Or if the desire for a neater wiring setup, these can also prove useful. Making the safety of home more compliant.

What it Can Hide

  • Television Sets
  • Desktop Monitors
  • DVD Players
  • Media Chargers
  • Outlet Surge
  • Gaming Setups
  • Internet Router

…And any other electrical based items that are unsafe to you, your family, or anywhere.

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