Taking Care Of Your Beautiful Pet Into Old Age

Many of us have pets and companion animals. Studies show that having a pet, such as a cat or dog, actually helps people to relieve stress, anxiety and depression and live longer lives. There is even research to suggest that the companionship that we offer our pets even allows them to live longer lives. Pets are ideal for people who are housebound or suffer loneliness because it gives them purpose and eases feelings of depression. Science has provided us with the following health benefits of having a pet.

Whilst many people associate animals with increased allergy symptoms, the reverse is actually true in many cases. Recent studies show that children who grow up with pets are less likely to develop allergies as they grow older. In fact, blood analysis has been done on babies who live with pets, like dogs, and they have been shown to have stronger immune systems because of their exposure to a dog in the house.

As already mentioned, dogs can help people to feel less alone and isolated. In fact, for those older people who are still able to be physically active, walking a dog will provide them much needed exercise and social contact outside the house. It has also been shown that those with dementia and Alzheimer’s have fewer anxieties when there is a dog in their home.

By simply patting a dog or stroking a cat, you lower your blood pressure and release important chemicals in the body like oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. This has positive benefits on emotion and helps to relieve depression and anxiety. Certain studies also suggest that men who have pets in the home are less likely to suffer heart disease.

With all this in mind, it is important for us to look after our pets and make sure that they live long and happy lives. This can sometimes be difficult because of the cost of veterinary care and medicines, but there are solutions to this problem that are affordable and easy to access.

Why Pet Insurance Makes Sense for Your Precious Pet

If we look at why we insure our belongings, our house and even ourselves, doesn’t it make perfect sense to also insure our pets? After all, they are part of the family and deserve the best in health care, just as their owners do. This is why a number of innovative companies offer specific types of pet insurance. Consider the following benefits of taking out such insurance from a reputable company:

  • Peace of mind: Clearly, the primary benefit is the peace of mind that owners will experience after signing up for insurance. For people whose pets are crucial to their life and happiness, taking out this type of insurance means that they no longer need to worry about not being able to meet the health needs of their companion.
  • Cover and cost: By investing in an insurance plan for your pet, you alleviate the costs of veterinary bills. Pets will often suffer an acute health problem that needs to be assessed by a vet, and the bill can be too much for some. By taking out insurance, this type of ‘bill shock’ is alleviated.
  • Health: Ultimately, by investing in insurance for your pets, you ensure that their health is guarded into the future.

How to Identify a Reputable Insurance Provider

The number of insurance options on the market can make choosing the right one daunting and difficult. There are a number of things that you can look for to make the task a little easier.

The most reliable insurance companies maintain a global profile and have many years of experience in this area. The last thing you want for your pet is to invest in cut-price cover from a dodgy merchant without a lot of experience.

What many people forget when looking at insurance is how invested the companies are in their product. We often think of insurance companies as big and bland corporations, but when it comes to your precious pet you want to know that an insurance company cares about them almost as much as you do. An insurance company that has a passion for pets is more likely to understand your feelings and your position and to offer the best types of cover for your needs.

Before signing on the dotted line and investing in this type of insurance, make sure that the company can offer you a package that suits you. If your pet is younger, you may not need the same level of cover as you would if they were older and had more health problems. Make sure that the insurance company offers a broad range of cover options.

Great communication is the cornerstone of any successful business, and you should expect that an insurance company is able to answer any of your questions thoroughly and confidently. If you have doubts about anything, make sure that you ask as many questions as possible. This is an essential part of deciding on the best insurance company for your needs.

Even when you have signed on the dotted line and have committed to insurance for your precious pet, it’s important to know that you can still back out of the deal if you need to. This is why the best insurance companies in this area also offer a 21 day cooling off period for their customers. This means that a customer has three weeks to try out the cover they have signed up for where there is no financial penalty for cancellation. Companies who offer a generous cooling off period are more likely to be interested in the satisfaction of their customers than the bottom line.

Insurance for Your Pet Is Key to Your Peace of Mind

By choosing a reliable and reputable insurance company and asking the right questions, you can invest in the future of your precious companion. Given the many health benefits of having a pet in the home, it makes sense!

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