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Do you know that a free 15-minute career launch from an online-built resume or filled-up template is a myth? Then you should know that like many other services, professional resume writing services are useful if they are thorough, skilled, and individual. The article is helpful for those who have concerns about hiring an expert for a resume and are in search of the most reputable writing services. Is Find My Profession credible to get the targeting job obtained? You’ll get the answer from the content given below.

The Reasons to Order Your Resume

There are far too few talented writers among job seekers to create an engaging and compelling document without asking for professional help. If you are from those who have been trying to get a call from the recruiters but fail, it’s high time to outsource paid professionals for your job search without adding extra complicated tasks to your busy routine. Employers appreciate candidates who have taken the time to go beyond submitting a sketchy resume, investing in their careers.

What You Pay for

The expert knows the best way to create a laser-focused, eye-catching, attractive resume, avoiding boring templates, and fluff statements. You pay for your uniqueness and send the message you understand how precious the employer’s time is for wasting it. The reputable service won’t just write the resume for you. It will create a personalized branding strategy that aligns with career targets, providing tools to navigate the modern job market.

The Result to Wait for

The final goal of the committed writers is to maximize employer response, so they will strive to make the document getting chosen from a pile of others on the manager’s table. A unique result of work, done together, will comprise your career progress, present professional value, and potential contribution to the new company, as well as:

  • Past measurable achievements with exact numbers;
  • Core duties & responsibilities;
  • A bit of a candidate’s personality;
  • Clear ATS friendly formatting;
  • Keywords and phrases, specific to the industry.

Right Writing Experts to Look for

When you know the components of a successful resume, it’s easier to find the best writer who can bring you desired results. Low price shouldn’t be the main factor as you pay not only for typing and updating your resume. An opportunity to land interviews for positions proved to be financially rewarding is well worth your investment for sure. This strategy is much helpful for not to get disappointed with the choice of career service professionals:

  1. Verify the information. Unfortunately, none of the thousands of writing services providers is created equal. Check if they are really certified and read the independent reviews for not getting involved with dishonest people.
  2. Run through their site. Revise if there is specialization in your industry. Pay attention to the quality of their work attested by testimonials. Find out if there is a different approach to clients.
  3. Get in contact with no less than three writers. Take some time to make a well-informed decision. Communication and research will give you a good understanding of their competence. Get prepared for investing your time to find the best company to fit your needs.

What is Reputable Company in Real-world Terms?

We’ve made our own investigation and studied one of the most used resume-writing and job-outsource services to discover key moments of candidates’ expectations. The job-outsource industry is quite new to the market. Is Find My Profession credible to be sure about your choice? Let’s analyze all reviews and discuss the quality of services, pricing, and policy offered by this company to answer this question.

Our Take on Find My Profession Services

The company appeared in 2015 when its founder Mike Podesto had grappled with difficulties while changing his career path. He was the first who had developed the idea to combine resume writing services and career counseling to help job seekers find employment faster. Their website is promoted as the right place for those who need help finding a job.

Rates & Customer Service

Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and BBB.org report the highest possible ratings. The average company’s rates are rare to be lower than 4.7 out of 5 stars. Typically there is a great number of admired or satisfied reviews with the rating equals the 4.8-4.9 mark. Sounds great, doesn’t it? From the numerous  reviews, we can see that a high level of service gets supported by:

  • Marketing materials;
  • Job Searching Help;
  • Filling out Applications;
  • Networking;
  • Interview Prep.

Career Coaching

Let’s have a closer look at the packages and pricing. Besides traditional types of writing services, Find My Profession offers quite a new outstanding product. The assignment of a personal assistant is helpful to deal with milestones of discovering your way to a job. It starts from the point of resume creation, includes LinkedIn profile makeover, and is up filling out job applications on your behalf. Career coaching suggests the following options:

  • Career Discovery (Cost: $199);
  • Job Searching (Cost: $349);
  • LinkedIn Networking (Cost: $349);
  • Interview Coaching (Cost: $349.

Resume Writing

The company guarantees all writers provide the best content strategies, design, and value positioning for each industry and 85+ different career types. Many reviews approve the 60-day interview guarantee works. Though the prices are astonishing, you should mind that their headhunters’ services are free. Resume writing services include the following packages:

  • C-Level Resume Writing (Cost: $995-$1295);
  • Executive Resume Writing (Cost: $795-$1095);
  • Professional Resume Writing (Cost: $595-$895)
  • Entry-Level Resume Writing (Cost: $395-$695)
  • Curriculum Vitae Writing (Cost: $695-$995);
  • Federal Resume Writing (Cost: $795-$1095)

Pros & Cons

Strong Points

  1. You’ll get the best resume and cover letter created by a high-level expert.
  2. They guarantee on-time & rushed delivery of your order.
  3. After you have your CV updated you’ll definitely have an interview.
  4. Outsourcing service decreases the overall duration of job search, freeing from stress.
  5. They can unleash your power to grow professionally that you never knew existed.


  1. The final cost is high, you shouldn’t expect to pay less than $1,000 to get a valid result.
  2. You may give up control over individual job search while outsourcing someone.
  3. You give private data to third-parties while filling the required fields in the application.
  4. Though you definitely get an interview, the company can’t guarantee you will get hired.

Do We Recommend This Service?

In brief, the concept of outsourcing job search is an industry first and there are not many companies you can feel reliable with. The surprise is Find My Profession was a pioneer of the market and remains to be the top effective and trustworthy service, which takes your job search to the next level. According to our analysis, it is true that this company has its benefits as well as drawbacks. But it’s totally credible in case you need a helping hand, professionalism, and luck in your job search!


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