Take Up Exterior Painting Project during Times of Corona

Coronavirus has affected a lot of industrial and residential planning. Many home owners, who were willing to res-shape and rejuvenate the home with a fresh coat of paint have to wait for long time before they can safely engage professional Dallas Paints contractors. The communicable disease is so contagious that risking the entry of someone at your home poses a risk to both the parties. The chances of getting infected is high and social distancing is the best way to keep it at bay. So, will you have to live in the same house with the same feel this year as well?

You will be happy to know that painters around the area have something else to say. If you cannot get you’re the interior of your property painted, you can always work on the exterior. Reputed painting companies are offering exterior painting services as it minimizes human contact and you do not have to let anyone in your house. Here is how you can engage exterior painting services during the time of COVID-19:

Know the rules and regulations:

Before you go ahead with your exterior painting planning, it is important that you know the Coronavirus lockdown rules and regulations imposed in your area. Due to the outbreak of the contagious COVID-19 disease, different states and zones have been under different restrictions. From complete lockdown to certain relaxations, there are different rules and regulations specific to different areas. You must check whether or not you are allowed to engage services like painting in your area before planning the project.

Connect with the companies:

Not all the painting companies in your area would be offering painting services during the pandemic. It is important to check what all companies are available to engage and connect with them. Much like the normal times, you must compare all the painting companies and ensure you engage the professionals only. Gustafson Painting is a company you can depend on for all your exterior house painting needs.

Check safety requirements:

As responsible painters, different painting companies are taking a range of measures to ensure that they offer safe painting services to their customers. The safety measures are also important in safekeeping the painters of the company as during the pandemic, each and every person is exposed to the risk of infection. You must ask the company about their safety rules and regulations and what they are doing to ensure that the painting service is safe for both the parties.

Stick to outdoor painting only:

You can never let anyone inside your home in such extraordinary times. Make sure you engage the professionals only for exterior painting jobs only. If you maintain social distancing and ensure that the painters stick to the outdoors only, you can ensure that n contagious virus can enter your home or spread in the family.

You can avail services like:

  • Exterior painting services
  • Porch painting services
  • Driveway, walkway painting services
  • Deck painting services

Ask for sanitization:

Many painting companies have upgraded their services and now offer sanitization services as well. You can always engage such painting companies to sanitize your living spaces. If you think your interior is safe and it is only the exterior that poses the risk, you must ensure that the professionals work on the exterior areas only.

Social distance and PPEs:

Social distancing is very important in these times of COVID-19. Make sure that you and the painters maintain respectable distance from one another as they work on the exteriors of your home. Also, ensure that the painters employed on your project wear due personal protective equipment to ensure no contamination.

Anti-bacterial paints:

Thanks to the advanced painting technology, it is possible to ensure the safety of your homes through painting. There are a range of modern paints available in the market that are anti-bacterial. These paints allow you to add an additional layer of protection to your property by ensuring that the paint repels virus infection and ensures you have protection at your home.

While responsible painting companies would ensure that the exterior painting companies they offer are in adherence with the rules and regulations and safe, you must ensure that you check all the above mentioned services. Exterior painting can be done the best during this time, as it is safe and you do not let anyone come in contact with you. Stay safe and paint the exterior of your property with the help of professional painters.

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