Take Control of Your Health Journey in 2024

The last year has been a bombardment of advice and orders out of our control. Now is the time for us to take back control of our health, both physical and mental.

Many have changed work schedules, diets, and activity levels during the pandemic. In 2020 many things were out of our control; Restriction to healthcare access became an issue. Mental health suffered as people canceled travel plans and stayed locked away in their houses. Every day, errands and chores changed in line with new protocols across the world. Many turned to yoga and meditation to help them get through the stress of it all.

2021 brings an opening to take back control of our lives and our health.

Travel is open again, and appointments are easier to make for health care. The effects of 2020 do not have to last any longer. You can take back control and find your own way to take care of your unique bodies and minds.

Hitting is not okay.

Crime rates rose, riots and protests took over the news and social media feeds. One crime that escalated during the pandemic was physical abuse. Many abusers are unable to take responsibility for themselves or their actions, and they commit reactive abuse. What is reactive abuse? Reactive abuse happens when your abuser tries to make you lash out, blaming you for the abuse, making their actions your fault.

 During the pandemic, abuse rates rose tremendously. Maybe, it was the lack of work, or maybe, it was confinement in close quarters. Regardless of the reason, abuse is on the rise, and now is the time to talk about it. Never let an abuser make you feel responsible for their mistreatment. Help is available for victims of abuse. Now, more than ever is the time to take control of your health and well-being. Be free little doves. Do not react to the abuse by returning the abuse. You can leave the situation and get help.

Abuse is not just physical. Mental and emotional abuse is just as real to those suffering abuse. Neither mental nor emotional abuse leaves visible marks on the body. They do scar the mind and sense of self. This type of abuse creates insecurity and self-doubt. Mental abuse will cause feelings of going crazy and questioning your own thoughts. Emotional abuse will cause insecurities and thoughts of worthlessness. The abuser’s vision of you will become your own. Their voice becomes the voice in your head even once the abuse is over. Abuse is about power and control. Take your control and power back now.

Are you manly enough?

One of the issues that came to the surface for our male population during the last few years is low testosterone levels. Low testosterone can be stressful for men in a way that it affects many parts of their being physical, emotional, and mental. Others with testosterone issues or needs may be the transgender community. Transitioning to a male takes testosterone. No worries, affordable testosterone online is available. Always check with your doctor before deciding if testosterone is right for you. Hormone replacement or addition can affect your overall well-being.

Everyone has the hormone testosterone however, men have a lot more of it. Low testosterone levels can affect sex drive, hair production, mood, and other various physical and mental health areas. Men can lose muscle tone or the ability to get an erection if their testosterone levels are too low for too long. These effects are a blow to the ego and sense of self thereby affecting their mental health as well as their physical.

When transitioning from a genetic female to a male, testosterone is used to help develop male attributes such as facial hair and muscle definition. Ovaries do produce some testosterone naturally however, testes produce a larger amount hence the need for testosterone therapy in gender transitioning.

As with all things hormonal, be cautious. Too much testosterone can lead to irritability, excessive facial hair, and acne. Excessive amounts of testosterone may also cause hair loss in some individuals.

At a loss for hair?

As we come into the summer months, the temperatures are rising, and many are shedding their “Covid hair” in for a more refined cut and cleaner look. What about those that suffer from hair loss? What can they do to look better and feel more confident in their own skin? Many treatments are available for thinning hair and hair loss, from vitamins to medical procedures.

Some men suffering from hair loss may choose to end it all; with a nice clean shave and rock the bald look. Others search out hair replacement treatment from doctors like Jae Pak, MD in California. Regardless of where you may be in the hair loss department, rocking the eight ball, donning a pretty wig, or seeking medical treatment, it is okay to take care of yourself and do what makes you feel the most comfortable.

As with all things, it is up to you to decide what works best for you. Do your research. Try different options and find what fits you and your lifestyle the best.

Too much blood in your sugar?

Another health issue on the rise is diabetes. There are two types of diabetes; Type 1 requires insulin, and Type 2 diabetes is managed with diet, exercise, and healthier eating. If your doctor has told you that you may be at risk for diabetes, it is vital to monitor your blood sugar several times a day. In the current market, there are several ways to accomplish this. One way is with a traditional monitoring system with lancets, test strips, and monitor devices. Several companies make these systems for various costs including, Diathrive. Another option is the new smart monitor that attaches to your body and can send blood sugar levels to your phone; these can be pretty expensive, and you must wear the device at all times.

Diabetes can also lead to other health problems including, but not limited to weight fluctuation and heart disease. Diabetes is a disease that can affect young and old alike. We all know that getting older is not easy. Our bodies change and need more routine care as we age. This routine care includes testing for diabetes and monitoring our blood sugar, cholesterol, and other factors that can be caught and treated early on. Now is the time to take control of our overall health more than ever.

Children are not monitored as closely for the development of juvenile diabetes unless they start showing symptoms that include constant thirst or sudden weight loss. A family history of diabetes is a good reason for early screening by your physician and regular blood sugar testing.

Examples of exercise that can help with diabetes and sugar control are hiking, biking, walking, running, and anything else that gets your blood pumping. A good combination for those that prefer working out inside is the Peloton bike. This bike comes with an option for digital strength workouts to go along with your cardio. Combining exercise types will help you keep a good balance in your exercise routine and take control of your health.

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