Summer 2022 Jeep Wrangler Prep Check!

Are you ready to take your Jeep out for summer adventures? Are you sure? Before heading into the great outdoors, make sure you go through your seasonal prep checklist. That means reviewing safety line items, upgrading worn out accessories and parts, then investing in the new selections that set you up for this season’s trips.

  • Brake inspection
  • Fluid checkup
  • Tire check and rotation
  • Inspect the soft top, vehicle-mounted tents, or other easily damaged materials like upholstery
  • Check out your suspension for signs of wear

Once you make up a list of necessary repair items and upgrades, it’s time to browse Jeep JL parts and upgrades to fill out your parts order. After tuning up the build as you have it, then you can make a pass to consider upgrades and new creature comforts. Get detailed information about the powerful vehicles that can be used on any type of road, on this website:

Jeep Soft Tops

Soft tops are a great way to stay cool while keeping the rain off your head and the noise from wind to a minimum, but they are prone to take a little wear and tear when you do a lot of off-roading. Maintain them with the right cleaning accessories to keep the material from drying out. This helps keep them durable as well, so they are less likely to tear. In the event they do take damage, a quick replacement is easy to order and install. You can usually find them wherever you buy upgrades like new Jeep rims and tires.

Fresh Tires

When you inspect your tires, keep in mind the difference between recommended replacement times and conditions for street tires and the ones for your off-road experiences. This is especially true as you move to invest in more specialized treads for increased performance in extreme terrains like muddy wetlands or sand dunes.

It is also worth looking into a separate set of dedicated tires and rims for each terrain you move through, especially if you tend to do single-terrain activities. All-terrain tires are good for trail rides where you might encounter a little bit of everything from dry sandy service roads to mud tracks. More specialized options give you the best possible traction in their niche terrains, and all of them help save your street tires the additional wear they take on when you go off-road.

If you are considering a single set of replacement tires for both on and off the pavement, the best choice is probably an all-terrain tire package. One of the terrains they anticipate is pavement, so it’s your best single choice replacement if you are on a budget. Still, it is worth considering specialized rim and tire sets if you spend enough time in the field. Learn more about 2022 Jeep Wrangler at

Additional Upgrades

As you browse Jeep CJ5 parts for additional upgrade options, consider whether it is time to invest in a new lift kit. Even if you have previously lifted your Jeep, an additional boost could give you what you need to tackle the trails that you thought were inaccessible last year. It is also worth looking into overnight upgrades and creature comforts like vehicle-mounted tents, hammocks, or other accessories.

Learn more about best practices to increase the reliability of your powerful jeep, on this website:

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