Stress-Free Travel: Simple Steps For A Relaxing Vacation

2 in 3 Americans admit to feeling “excessive pressure” that prevents them from enjoying their vacations, Yahoo reports. 62% of travelers specifically say they worry about getting stuck in tourist traps and wasting their time. Nevertheless, for 73% of vacationers, traveling remains key to improving their mental health and wellbeing, while 37% say it helps them recover from burnout. Yet, since traveling can naturally be stressful, it’s important to take simple steps to minimize stress while on vacation, so you end up getting the rest and relaxation you deserve.

Plan your vacation well 

Planning your vacation well can eliminate major variables, help keep travel anxiety at bay, and allow you the freedom to actually relax. While you don’t have to map out a strict schedule, drawing up a rough outline of your desired itinerary is a valuable way to essentially streamline your options and therefore avoid feeling overwhelmed when faced with deciding what to do next. Planning most of your days also means you’ll be better positioned to see and do everything you most want to – you won’t risk being too late or things being already fully booked. Reliable transport is also key to staying on schedule and avoiding delays and frustration, and booking in advance is therefore also a must if you’ll be hiring a vehicle, or using public transport at all.  

Choose the right accommodation 

Finding the right hotel isn’t always easy, but is essential to ensure an enjoyable, relaxing vacation. If you have the budget, spending a little more on comfort and convenience is usually worth it, particularly if you’re prioritizing rest and relaxation while traveling. A luxury hotel, for example, is ideal if you’re embarking on a romantic getaway – even better if it has its own private beach area for you to catch some rays in peace. You can also check out Small Luxury Hotels of the World, which has a verified membership list of around 520 hotels across 90 different countries; here, you can find out about amazing secluded luxury spots off the beaten path. Alternatively, if you’re going on a family vacation, a hotel with a creche or kids club can be a lifesaver.  

Get clear on your needs

What’s your idea of a relaxing vacation? Take time to get clear on your needs. For example, some people hate crowds and tourist hotspots – being in these types of places can actually induce stress and anxiety. So, if that’s you, be sure to book a vacation that actually fits your idea of restfulness, whether that’s a weekend in the countryside or at a spa, for example. In fact, try to avoid peak travel times and vacation during either the shoulder or offseason if possible. Not only will you get the best prices on accommodation and flights, but you’ll also get to enjoy your destination without crowds. 

Traveling is the perfect way to rejuvenate the body and mind. By planning your vacation well, choosing the right accommodation, and being clear on your needs, you’ll be better able to enjoy a restful trip and keep stress at bay. 

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