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A healthy skin shows a healthy you a beautiful you are the result of a healthy you. In this article, we will discuss what are the essential steps that can help you in getting clear skin. The healthy skincare regimen depends upon the type of skin, unfortunately, a lot of people do not know what sort of skin they have got, a good skincare regimen includes good moisturizers and cleansers, there is not a single thing that would make your skin healthy within a day. 

If you are not a patient person, then you can never have a good skin, another thing that is required to have good skin is a commitment, you might have seen models and actresses, they are ridiculously concerned about their skincare regimen, because otherwise, they will not be able to earn much, magazines would not hire them. 

So, if you are a lazy person who cannot stand by their commitments, they can never get the perfect skin.  It does not matter how much tips you know, if you are not active enough to follow and implement them in your life, you can never have that beautiful skin. 

Here are some steps that can be followed for healthy skin, imagine that you have arrived home after a long day, you had your makeup on, now these are the steps that must be followed for a good and clear skin. 

1.Clean your skin 

You can use various cleansing water and a cotton pad for cleaning your skin, this initial step is only to clean the makeup, washing your face will not be as effective as having micellar water for clena9ing your face. 

In case you have got dry skin, then you must use cleansing oils, drying skins are allergic to alcohol-based products. 

Do not rub your skin, otherwise you may have scratches or experience itchiness. 

2.Wash your face 

Now, as you have cleaned your face with oil or water, next is to wash your face with lukewarm water. Lukewarm water will open the pores thus making it easier to clean your skin deeply. 

3.A good cleanser 

Now, you can use some good cleansers for cleaning your face, the foam-based cleansers are the best, give your skin a good massage. 


Having a mild scrub will be great, it would not harm your skin. If you are not a fan of scrubs, then using some homemade scrubs can work fine. 

You can have grounded sugar and coconut oil as a scrub, or some face packs made up of milk or honey. 


Toners are designed to balance the Ph of your skin, if it is not 5.5 then your skin might experience a lot of changes such as pimples or pigmentation, that is why use some good toners according to your skin type. 

You can make some toners at home as well, you only need almond oil and rose water, they will make a good glowing toner. 


Serums are your skin’s friend; you must not go without them especially at night. A few drops of serum can keep your skin healthy for a long time. 


You must do it, at last, pick up the best moisturizers, some plant-based oils can also do the job, get some derma rollers, massage the moisturizers nicely in circular motions. 

Make sure that the directions of the massage are according to your face shape. Massaging is an essential part otherwise your skin would not glow properly. 

Massaging will increase the blood flow incredibly and it will reduce the chance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

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