Stag do activities in Krakow? Choose one of the greatest attraction of the last months!

BAD AXE club in Krakow may just be the excellent choice. In this case we are talking about axe throwing activities! It’s a kind of entertainment that didn’t get very popular in our country yet, however in the United States or in Western Europe countries it already has a lot of fans. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoys throwing an axe or two every once in a while, so no wonder that the amount of people who want to do exactly the same thing is constantly growing. Seems like your perfect idea for original way of celebrating stag do in Krakow!

axe throwing club Krakow

BAD AXE has numerous advantages and characteristic that put all together make up a perfect offer especially for people looking for stag night activities. Nevertheless, it is good to note that it is not the only kind of party you can organize here! A whole lot of people also choose BAD AXE when planning team building activities in Krakow (perfect for small companies or particular teams inside a bigger structure), or even birthdays! In this case BAD AXE will be perfect as both place where we invite friends for our own party, as well as a surprise party spot for someone who does not expect such entertainment!

But what actually makes the offer and the club itself stand out of dozens of possibilities in Krakow?

Price – it’s really low! Although it does depend on how many people you plan on bringing and how many tracks you wish to make a reservation for, practically we are talking about costs starting from 50PLN per person. It’s a really low fare, and thanks to this it will not ruin your budget for the whole stag do.

Time – in BAD AXE you can spend up to two hours. It’s just enough time for one visit and some axe throwing, so that your whole squad pumps up on adrenaline and excitement. Which is why this can be a perfect start of night full of activities and clubbing!

Own alcohol – something that will be an interesting surprise for many people. In BAD AXE you can come with your own drinks. There is no possibility of buying them on the spot – only soft drinks are available, however, it is clear that it’s hard to imagine a stag night with no booze. Which is why it’s great you can have your own supplies. This way you can drink exactly what you like the most, and of course, shopping in your favourite supermarket with lower prices!

Safety – obviously axe throwing doesn’t sound like a safe activity but fear not! All tracks are separated in safe distance from each other, and they comply with all possible safety measures. Additionally, there is a training for all participants at the beginning of the event, so that the axe throwing is both efficient and safe for everybody. Moreover, the whole venue is equipped with sensors, alarms, cameras and even a hydrant, providing certainty of safety for all the people.

Location – for many people organizing stag activities this will be crucial. We are talking about the heart of Krakow, the very city centre. BAD AXE is located at Basztowa street no. 10. It has two enormous advantages – it is a perfect place for a meet-up, commute is convenient from every part of Krakow and its surroundings, and if anyone comes from another part of the country, you can reach BAD AXE quickly and cheaply from Krakow Main Train Station – it’s only one stop by bus or tram!

Air conditioning – the venue is equipped with air conditioning, which makes us be sure that no matter how many people are participating, and what the weather is outside, everyone will feel comfortable in perfect temperature inside, which is important to have fun while blowing off some steam through axe throwing!

Amount of people – BAD AXE club can fit up to 30 people, making it quite a big party! Thanks to this, the venue will work great not only as stag do place for literally all of your friends but also for before mentioned birthday parties or team building activities.

Additional catering – if you want, you can decide on ordering additional catering, perfectly tailored to your taste and needs. In order to do it, f course we encourage you to contact the club at least a few days before the event, so that you can arrange an agreement and the BAD AXE team has time to organize a feast for you and your friends.

Photobooth and hammering nails competition – you can find some additional attractions on the spot. One of them is a photobooth with elements of Viking costumes so that each participant of your stag night will have some crazy pictures to commemorate the night. You can also try your hand at hammering nails and compete with your friends. What’s crucial – both those options are included in basic price!

Clearly, there is a lot awaiting you at BAD AXE club in Krakow. It’s the ultimate place to kick off a stag do and it has been confirmed by many clients already. You can find out more about the club and the offer on their website – don’t miss it!

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