Split system air conditioner cleaning process

Cleaning the Air- conditioners are crucial to keep house and commercial cool and refreshing in hot climate. A/C is for their dense and ductless structure.

The inner and outdoor units need to be cleaned to have fresh and improved air in the rooms. The air conditioner’s efficient services depend entirely on both the indoor and outdoor units, so it’s essential to  clean your air conditioners more often.

The more you pay attention to your AC split system air conditioner cleaning process, the more effective and efficient services you will get in return. You are also valuing your money. What’s over?

Don’t you know how? It’s simple, like if you clean your air conditioner more frequently, you will expand the life of your split system, and it will serve you more years.

So, aren’t you going to save money on a new split AC conditioner?

Of course, yes! But how?

It’s Simple, cleaning your split AC once a year for home use and three times a year for commercial use. All you have to do is hire the air conditioning cleaning service.

So, if you are still confused about how the professional will service your air conditioner, then for your satisfaction, I will explain the proper cleaning process.

I think we don’t need to delay more and let me mention the complete professional AC cleaning process to you.

Washing the Indoor Unit

  • First, the professional will insert a neat bag around the air conditioner. Then they will mount the appliance as a whole with another cleaning pack to keep any residue or soil from arriving at the floor.
  • After, cleaners open the grill to clean hooks on the forward portion of the AC to lift and access within the unit. Remove the filter from AC. The air filters will be washed by remaining in top condition.
  • They will check the filter to remove all the outside dust before starting process. Then cleaners will clean the air filter under the running water. They will take the air filters towards the basin to pour cool tap water on them. It depends if the filters of your AC or not dirty enough, then they will only rinse. After that, they will rest them to air dry.
  • The next step is to clean the fins. The first will pass the residue over from the cooling balances, then, at that point, add a slim canister connection to the air blower and use it to liberate the residue from the rear of your split A/C.
  • After that, they will neat the coils with spray and let them dry by spreading the cleaner on the ac.
  • The professional will take all measures to save your AC from any fungal for this. Splash antifungal cleaner onto the curls to forestall form. Splash antifungal cleaner onto the curls to forestall form. Utilize a jar of antifungal cleaning shower to disinfect the rear of your A/C. They leave the spray to set for 5 miins before putting back the air filters.
  • The subsequent stage is to supplant the air channels by Protecting the air channels back in their innovative position when they are impeccable and dry. This step ensures that only clean; cool air makes through A/C. So, it will effortlessly glide into place quickly.
  • If there is any clog, they will utilize a compressed flush unit to drive water or cleaner down the drainpipe. The master knows the best, so they will Let the channel line air-dry for no less than 60 minutes. Ultimately, they will Reconnect the hose prior to turning on the A/C.
  • Now to check the working, they will on AC back on.
  • Once it’s on they  will check whether AC is throwing cold air if-then enjoy the refreshing air.

Cleaning the Outdoor Unit

  • Next, the professional will clean the outdoor unit by Switching off the power of the outdoor condenser. Cleaners will simply Unplug the outdoor unit. Then they flip the source so that the administration is entirely off.
  • Then they will use the professional brush attachment to vacuum the condenser fins. With long movements, the vacuum will slurp out any evident dust and rubble from the ac outdoor unit. The expert will clean it until found any dust is in the condenser.
  • Next, they will Straighten the metal fins with a long knife, if necessary, because maybe your AC doesn’t need this. They will check the complete condenser that all fins are straight and functioning correctly to provide top-quality services.
  • The cleaners unscrew the ac outdoor unit’s lid so you can take out the fan. Before cleaning out the fins, they will remove the electrical fan unit precisely. They will use a wrench or other equipment to remove the bolts or screws and then secure the fan on the place before you lift it out from the metal unit.
  • Then the cleaners will Rinse the fins with a hose and let the unit dry thoroughly. More preferably, the cleaners will ask you to give them access to the garden so, from the garden hose, they can quickly rinse out the A/C condenser fins from the inside of the metal unit. The fins will get clear and clean through the rinsing process, and the condenser can run efficiently.
  • The cleaners will use the perfect tools to secure the fan back into the condenser unit. Once the cleaner ensures all pieces, they connect the circuit breaker and flip the electricity. Lastly, they will reattach the displaced parts before turning the power back on.

Final words

As you have understood the complete cleaning process performed by the professionals, you have got the idea of how they make your AC conditioner brand new and completely fresh, so what are you waiting for? hire the professional and get clean, fresh air.

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