Spanish Backyard Ideas for This Summer

Do you long for an outdoor space that offers the ideal mix of beauty and relaxation? A Spanish-themed backyard is the perfect way to fulfill your desire. Spanish-themed backyards are quite popular among people who want the ideal combination of classy and serene for their backyard space. These backyards are inspired by traditional Spanish architectural features such as pueblo-style structures, stucco walls and rustic look. This type of backyard is quite popular, so chances are, you’ve seen a few or at least one already. If you’ve fallen in love with the gorgeous Spanish backyards that are so popular; this summer is the perfect time to work towards making that dream a reality. You can achieve the perfect Spanish backyard with a little bit of imagination, some structural changes, a few cheap garden tables, and outdoor chairs.

A Courtyard

Your Spanish backyard space, regardless of size, starts with a courtyard. The courtyard is the entire section of your backyard that you plan to convert into a Spanish garden, and if your space is limited it may just be your entire backyard’s space. This usually rectangular in shape but can have other shapes as well.

A Water Feature

A water feature will help to complete the Mediterranean/Spanish aura in your garden. This could be a pond or fountain. Accentuate your water feature, especially if it is a fountain with decorative tiles. The water feature in a Spanish garden is traditionally located at the entrance or center of the courtyard. But if you are low on space consider placing it against a wall

Stone or Earthy Details

To generate the true Spanish backyard essence you should include some stone and brick finishes. An adobe courtyard wall sets the tone for your Spanish backyard. Stone, tile, or brick flooring and pathways also help to create the perfect Spanish backyard.

Strategic Combinations

To achieve the traditional Spanish garden aesthetic, use white stucco walls accentuated by terracotta or brick flooring. Choose your greenery strategically as well. For the Spanish-themed look, go for fruit trees (especially citrus) and shrubs that thrive in dessert-like conditions. Throw in a few Mediterranean herbs as well. For flowering plants consider those that are drought resistant and deliver that tropical or Mediterranean look. Flowers like Golden Sword Yucca and Hazel Spanish Lavender usually fit the bill.

With the right amount of planning and effort, your Spanish backyard will be the perfect place to relax, unwind or host splendid get-togethers.

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