Some tips from decorators with which your bedroom will gain in elegance


Follow these simple tips that decorators and interior designers gave us to make your bedroom the elegant room you want. To get a luxury room you do not have to break the piggy bank. The key is to get the right formula so that your bedroom transmits being a luxurious space. We spoke with five experts in decoration and interior design in order to give you the keys you need to give your bedroom that elegant touch that you want so much without making a lot of changes. Truoba 2 bedroom house plans are a smart solution for those of you who want to combine luxurious bedrooms with other aspects of a house. Your dream home!

  1. Deco trend: wallpaper

To get that elegant touch that you are looking for so much, you can place wallpaper or a mural on the headboard wall, creating a leading and special wall in your bedroom.

  1. Materials are EVERYTHING

We all know that the feeling when entering a space where they have perfectly combined wood, stone and marble is not the same as in a space where they have bet everything on the same material.

The key is in chromatic harmony. Wood, natural fabrics, and in this case white as a base is the formula you need to know. You can add materials such as gold, bronze, or iron in some elements, such as in a frame or in the lamp, even change the mechanisms.

  1. What would we do without the headboards!

They seem to be the key to every expert. Some experts suggested using upholstered frames, moldings with wallpaper, murals, mirrors, paintings … The important thing is to make a balanced composition that tells a story. They told us that the classic touches of the wallpaper next to the tufted headboard add a sophisticated touch to this bedroom and make it an elegant and simple space.

  1. The curtains … Down to the floor!

A very important change that provides a much more elegant style is to install some good curtains that also drag a few centimeters so that they rest on the floor.

  1. We like linen (and a lot)

An expert advised us to choose natural products (that, for example, the curtains are made of 100% linen or cotton).

  1. Not everything elegant is black

It may be that when dressing you bet on black before any other color, but in the decoration, you do not need to do the same. The tones with which we usually work range from the softest whites, grays, and greens, with stronger colors such as tiles, dark greens, ultramarine blue, or charcoal. However, for those who want to give more color to the bedroom, an expert advised us to bet on colors such as lime green or orange that bring so much light, achieving a timeless style.

  1. Reorganization!

Natural lighting is key in any room in the home, and we must do everything possible to make the most of it. We know how important it is and we recommend that space, the more open, the better. You have to open the space creating a minimalist environment, giving great importance to natural lighting. When it comes to distributing the furniture in the bedroom, everything revolves around the bed, so we always look for the best arrangement of it with respect to space and natural lighting.

  1. Lights

We love suspended lamps or wall lights because they add nuances and free up the space of the bedside tables. At least a warm light should be brought into the environment and create a relaxed atmosphere. In case there are cabinets and they need lighting, we should do it but inside the same closet with led strips that will light up when the closet doors are opened.

  1. Let the carpet come back

Carpet the room to give it a more comfortable touch. You will get up like in a palace. Also, if you add a carpet on the carpet, you will give it a present day.

  1. It’s all in the details

We love open spaces, but some other elements that we use every day can also be part of the decoration and bring life to the rooms. On the bedside tables, we like to place books, some candles, and natural flowers such as peonies, a bouquet of roses, or some eucalyptus branches. One of the experts advised adding decorative touches that stand out and give it personality: a vase, a jewelry box, a painting, flowers, etc.

The 10 tips above will be very useful if practiced. However, for more perfect results, it is best if you work on a plan drawn up by a professional. For your information, if you need 2 bedroom house plans done by professionals, you can buy them on the Trouba Page. Trouba 2 bedroom house plans are a smart solution for those of you who want to combine luxurious bedrooms with other aspects of a house. Your dream home!

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