Some Tips for Checking a Used Car History

Do you want to buy a used car? You may think twice because the seller must have some reasons why he sells it. Perhaps, the car was damaged due to collision so it gives an impact on its performance. But, the seller will not tell the truth about it. He may lie to you because he thinks that you have no idea about the car. Well, it is better to check the car history before you really buy it. Read these following tips for checking a used car history.

Never trust what the seller says about the car

In a certain case, the seller explains everything about the car. The seller will also say positive things about the car. But, you should not just trust him because he may lie. You do not need to tell him that you do not believe in him. Just keep silent as if you agree with him. It is not over because you still have another option to find out about the car.

Conduct REVs check

Suppose you already see the entire body of the car and it looks good, you still have to check the car history online. A good car body cannot guarantee that the car has no issues. So, you can ask the VIN from the seller and you do not need to tell him that you want to check it online. You can use your mobile device to check the car history on Quickrevs. The seller will not notice it and you pretend to use your device.

Don’t buy if the seller does not give the VIN

What if the seller does not give you the VIN? Anyway, you should not buy the car if the seller does not want to give the VIN. He knows that you want to check the car and he does not want you to do it because the car has a lot of issues. In this case, you can forget the car and find other cars. If the seller keeps forcing you, you just ignore him.

Decide if you want to buy it or forget it

Once you check it on Quickrevs, you will find the right answer. You will know everything about the car. Make sure that the VIN given matches the car VIN. The car history report will show crucial information including write off a check, finance check, registration details, and stolen status. If there are some problems marked with a red sign, then you must not buy the car.

Negotiate with the seller

If you really love the car while it shows some problems and you still want it, then you can negotiate with the seller. Somehow, you can ask the seller to solve the issue or ask him to tell the truth about the car. If the car shows a stolen status, then you can ask him or you can leave him. If the Registration is expired, then you can ask him to finish it. Finally, you can take your own risk to buy the car so you will not regret it.

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