Some of the benefits of hiring a conveyancing solicitor

One of the first things on your checklist when you’re moving out of your parents’ house and thinking of getting your own place is hiring a conveyancing solicitor, this same thought might also come to you when you’re thinking of selling a house, remortgaging or transferring ownership. Conveyancing is a term used in the legal sense when you buy or sell a property to someone or transfer it to them.  A solicitor will help you deal with the contracts, provide you with advice and work on local council searches.

One can also take it upon themselves to do the conveyancing, but trust me no one would ever suggest that (some from experience) since Conveyancing is an extremely complex process. We all know a property isn’t cheap and has hefty costs overall, you don’t want to add to the already long bill with costs of error over the smallest of things such as not knowing where you’re supposed to park your car or bigger issues such as land boundaries. It’s always better to hire a licensed professional to do the work for you.

You don’t need o to worry about contracts

A conveyancing solicitor has many jobs, but one of the most crucial ones is to prepare all of your documents. They will deal with the solicitor from the buyer/seller’s side and take care of all the terms and conditions of a formal mortgage offer for you.

You have legal help

The conveyancing solicitor will take care of all the legal work required by your property contract on your behalf and will be a legal helper with your decisions towards buying/selling your property. They will give you legal advice on your contract.

Local council search

As a seller, they must inform the buyer of any sorts of damages or faults in the property however they aren’t legally obligated to do so. Therefore, many buyers have to have searches conducted, and this hassle is done by conveyancing solicitors on behalf of them.

All registries are dealt by for you

According to your case, it is your conveyancing solicitor’s duty to discern which method of  communicating  data  to proceed with, it may be through the Deeds registry or the Land registry.

Financial transfers

When a sale is agreed on a property, meaning your offer on a property was accepted, a booking deposit has to be paid to the real estate agent and then sale details can be sent to solicitors on both sides. Your solicitor will prepare your deposit for the property to be paid and decide on a closing date on your behalf.


Hiring a conveyancing solicitor will not only save you tons of costs of errors but will also save you a lot of time since many solicitors have services such as 21-day closing meaning you’ll have the keys to your property and all the legal work taken care of in just 21 days. A conveyancing solicitor will also wind up everything, taking the stress out of the property for you!

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