Solar Panel Cleaning Services – How Often Do You Need Them?

Solar energy – the most powerful energy source there is. Did you know that the energy that the sun produces for an hour that hits mother earth can meet the global energy needs for a year? You can harness this power by installing solar panels, and by doing so, make a significant difference to the planet.

Solar panels are widely criticized for being expensive. However, they have proved to be extremely beneficial not only for the environment but also for the economy. Just by installing the solar panels, you can make a difference that will lead to a greener planet. But, is that sufficient? Some have claimed that they are inefficient, which is caused by improper maintenance. In addition to installing, you must also ensure that you maintain solar panels well, such that it is working its best. The most efficient way of maintaining a solar panel is with regular cleaning.

What is solar panel cleaning?

Did you know that solar panels are very easy to clean and maintain? As they do not have any moving parts, there is not a whole lot of things to take care of, and cleaning is the only aspect that you must not take lightly. Dust, leaves, the build-up of grime are some of the things that can play a big role in the maintenance of your solar panel. The location of the debris can be the biggest trigger of problems with the system. A little bit of light may not affect the system as light can get through.

You can let nature take its course and let the rain do the cleaning. While rain can do most of the tasks and clean your solar panel, it is not a permanent solution as it cannot wash away all debris and pollutants such as bird dropping. Once it dries, it needs a good scrubbing to be cleaned. The best way to get your solar panel cleaned is to hire solar panel cleaning services.

If you like to do it yourself, here’s what you need to do to clean your solar panel.

  • Start by checking with your solar panel manufacturer if there are any specific recommendations for cleaning.
  • Pick a relatively cool day or the time of the day when the sun is not too strong. Sunshine makes solar panels incredibly hot to clean.
  • Use a good garden hose to remove all the dust and accumulated debris off the panel. If you have bird droppings, you might need to scrub.
  • Use warm water and soap to clean the panel with a sponge. You can also use a soft cloth.
  • Hose down with water again and wipe it clean with a soft cloth.

Solar panel cleaning is easy. You don’t need to clean any other part of the panel. The only glitch is the location of the panel.

How often do you need solar panel cleaning?

Solar panels that are cleaned once a year produce 3.5% more electricity and those cleaned twice a year produce up to 5.1% times more electricity than those that are left uncleaned. But that depends on the location of the home, the area where the panel is fixed, and other factors. Some places require more attention due to pollution, weather, and seasonal changes. Remember, dirt and debris have a huge impact on the performance of your solar panel. While cleaning is not as difficult as it seems, it is still ideal to call the experts.

Should you call solar panel cleaning experts?

There are many ways to wash a car. For instance, you can hose it down, clean with soap water using a sponge, hose it again, and wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Or you can take it to professional cleaners and get it serviced, to check for repairs and damages and in turn, extend its life. Solar panel cleaning is nothing different than car cleaning either. You can do it yourself or let experts handle it.

Solar panel cleaning is a vital component of any solar maintenance. As long as the panels are clean, they work efficiently and effectively. Most of the panels are self-cleaning, but some areas can encourage the build-up of pollutants and debris which can reduce its effectiveness. For increased efficiency and ideal maintenance of your solar panel, leave it in the hands of the experts. The experts not only clean them to work efficiently, but also look for faults and damages that can also lead to inefficiency.

Many homeowners prefer cleaning the solar panels by themselves, so can you! You may have a ground mount or a rooftop unit; safety comes first. Remember, only an expert can detect any hidden problems that reduce its effectiveness and efficiency. Should you worry or should you let solar panel cleaning Melbourne take care of it? That’s your decision to make.

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