Software Solutions: Tools You’ll Need for Your Start-up Business in India This 2021

Ask any accomplished entrepreneur out there, and they would tell you that one of the most basic factors that make or break the business is utilizing available resources. For most of India’s industrial giants, using tools offered by digital technologies allowed them to improve economic opportunity by reaching out to new consumers, thereby expanding their market.

Given that we live in the digital age, there is no doubt that the business world would rapidly grow together with technology. Hence, competitors must follow quickly to not fall behind. If you plan to start your business this year, opting for software solutions to help you manage your start-up is a wise choice.

Listed below are some of the essential tech tools that will help you improve performance, increase your sales, and keep your business running in no time.

Online Communication Softwares

The demand for good communication is high when it comes to doing business, and this does not only apply to your customers but also extends to your team. When there is effective communication between you and your employees, generating ideas becomes easier, accomplishing tasks becomes motivating, and maintaining working relationships is no longer a problem.

In terms of customer service, interacting effectively with your client base helps you establish a stronger customer-provider relationship. This might probably be one of the most valuable bonds you must establish, and online management and communication software, like Weave, can help you with that.

This type of software aims to connect you and your clients together even when you are in a remote setting. It also allows you to keep their records organized, track requests and appointments, and at the same time, collaborate and manage your team.

Time-Tracking Applications

For a more effective workflow and collaborative workload, consider using time-tracking and management software. These applications will help you maximize your team’s productivity by being able to monitor and record your employees’ work hours, see how long it takes to accomplish a task, track project expenses, and even ensure invoices for clients.

There are free time trackers you can check out online. However, if you want to experience optimal services, you can choose to purchase a premium account.

Web Hosting Services

An effective marketing strategy to make your business known to the rest of the world (despite being situated in India) is by signing up with web hosting services. This online service enables you to create and publish a website dedicated to your business, which in turn helps you gain a wider scope of consumers, establish your own brand, and in a way, enhances your business’ credibility.

Of course, these services also come with a price. Depending on your site’s traffic volume, operating system, web security, SSL certificates, and many other elements, the amount you’ll pay to host a website varies. This could range from as low as Rs. 99 to approximately Rs. 10,000 per month.

Nonetheless, investing in a reliable web hosting company can give your start-up business an edge compared to those small businesses that don’t.

Online Storage

When dealing with clients on a certain project, you would have to collect personal information and other necessary data as part of the transaction process. This automatically means that you become responsible for the safe-keeping and protecting whatever details they give you. To aid you with this responsibility, services offered by data storage software can help.

You can store customer’s files online, and as long as there is an internet connection, you can access them even across different devices. This is actually a safer way to store data than saving the files in your pc or external devices like a flash drive or hard drive, which are more prone to technical accidents.

Aside from security and backup, storing data online can help you free up your computer space as online storage services usually have a larger storage capacity.

Webinar Tools and Services

Conduct meetings, seminars, and training online with the webinar software. In addition to these activities, another great advantage this online platform offers is that you can also present your product demos and technical sales to potential clients, and not just within your locality but also across the country, even around the globe.

They are also easy to use, especially if your clients aren’t quite familiar with the internet’s technicalities. Most of these software tools allow your customers to join your webinar with just a click away. Another distinguishing feature is that it lets you record your meetings, therefore allows you to keep important details for future purposes.

POS Systems

Accepting payments and keeping track of sales has never been easier with point-of-sale systems. You can think of this tool as the traditional cash register in a store, only more modern. It consists of checkout terminals and hardware features like barcode scanners, monitors, card readers, and many others.

With full-featured POS systems, you can simplify billing, track inventory, analyze sales reports, or check how much money you’ve already made.


The software solutions mentioned above are just some of the tools you can count on to effectively manage your start-up in 2021. With the appropriate tech tools, coupled with determination, hard work, patience, and diligence, you can surely wing your business with flying colors.

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