Social Shaft On How to Easily Use Instagram to Your Advantage

Once you decide to use Instagram to promote your business, it is time to learn how to become good at it. In this article, you will find out the tips for mastering Instagram.

Take Quality Photos

Taking high-quality photos increases your chance of becoming successful on Instagram. Use your smartphone to take square photos since it is one of the best ways to make sure your photos are great.

It is not necessary to make adjustments to square photos. Therefore, you will never have to make adjustments to your photos before you post them. This is much better than spending countless hours editing your photos.

Shorten Your Website Address

Do you want to use Instagram to generate traffic to your website? If so, then add your website address in your Instagram bio. Do not just paste the entire website address into your Instagram bio. Shorten your website address before pasting it.

Make sure the short link fits the rest of the description on your Instagram bio. If you do not know how to shorten your website address, you can use the eClincher app. It is easy to use this app to shorten the URL of any website.

Use Instagram Explore

It is easy to use Instagram’s Explore feature to know what is trending on Instagram. Use the explore feature to know the trending hashtags. Once you know the trending hashtags, use these hashtags as you post your photos on Instagram. It is important to use hashtags related to your products or services. Using the correct hashtags can bring you targeted traffic to your website.

Collect Email Addresses

It is good to have thousands of followers on Instagram. However, do not just connect with them on Instagram. You can use others ways to connect with these people.

It is even much better to build your email list. You can ask your followers to join your email list. Once they join your email list, send them messages.

It is much easy to promote your products and services through email. You can even offer your email subscribers discounts and deals to increase your sales.

If your followers already trust you, they will give you their email address.

Content Variety

Do not just post high-quality photos on your Instagram. A lot of people love watching short videos on Instagram. So, upload short videos regularly. Videos can help you build an audience since they are more engaging.

Use your videos to promote your products or services. However, do not just post promotional videos. Instead, focus on creating useful, informational, and entertaining videos. Instagram followers promotion is a great way to increase your following in an interesting way.

Tell Your Story

You can use photos and videos to tell your story and the story of your business. It is easy for your followers to relate to you if they know you. According to Agency2, Instagram can completely change the life of a marketer. Therefore, take advantage of Instagram.

Create Epic Content

Focus on helping your followers, so create useful and interesting content. It is easy for people to share the best content. Do not just post an engaging video or a great photo. Write the perfect quote under your photos and videos and use the correct hashtags. People use hashtags to search for photos and videos on Instagram. So, hashtags make it easy for users to find your photos and videos.

Pay Close Attention to Other Instagram Users

Successful Instagram users are doing something right. Therefore, visit their profiles and even the profiles of your competitors. You will see the types of content they are posting.

Check the profiles of successful Instagram users to get content ideas for your profile. You can even create better content to increase the chances of attracting more followers.

If possible, work with the top influencers in your niche. If they post your content on their Instagram page, you may get hundreds or even thousands of followers in a few hours.

Get Organized

You will notice some content brings you the most views, especially when you post at a specific time during the day. Therefore, you need to monitor your content and the time you post them. For instance, if your content gets more views in the evening, post the same type of content at the same time to get the best results.

Use Apps

It is easy to use social media websites, such as Instagram, using some apps. For example, you can use some apps to schedule your social media posts. Therefore, search for the best apps that can help you with Instagram. One of the best apps is the eClincher app.

You need to follow these tips if you want to use Instagram to promote your business.

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