Snuff Fact Sheet

Snuff is a common type of smokeless tobacco. It’s designed to be inhaled or chewed. And it’s available in two forms: dry and moist. Additionally, snuff can also be obtained as a cream. All forms deliver nicotine in different quantities. So, depending on your personal needs, you always find a perfect fit.

However, it’s always important to note that tobacco contains nicotine, as well as, other hazardous chemicals that could be potentially harmful to your health. That’s why you need to be very cautious with your smoking.

Types of Snuff

The following are common types of snuff you should know. Understanding them will help you make an informed choice.

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Dry Snuff– This refers to a powdered tobacco product. It involves curing selected tobacco products and then grinding them down into a fine powder. Common flavors and scents include coffee, rose, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, mint, honey, apricot, and vanilla. You may also find unique flavors, such as cola, whiskey, and bourbon.

When using dry snuff, you can either snort or sniff it into your nasal cavity. Once you do this, a hit of nicotine will be swiftly sent into your bloodstream. This action usually produces a sneeze, particularly in those who’re new to smoking.

Wet Snuff– This type of tobacco is usually placed in the mouth. The nicotine-laden saliva that’s produced is then delivered into your bloodstream gradually. Wet snuff is available in different forms, including:

Snus: With this type of moist snuff, you have got a tobacco product that’s relatively safe. All you need is to place the snuff between your gums and the upper lip and you’ll be good to go. Once the saliva mixes with the tobacco, nicotine-containing tobacco will be released into your mouth and then it’ll slowly be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Dipping tobacco: This product comprises ground-up tobacco. You can always take a pinch of it and place it between your cheek and gums. Depending on your preference, you can either spit out or swallow the juice that builds up.

Chewing Tobacco: This tobacco often comes in numerous forms: plugs, loose, and pellets. There are those that are flavored and those that are sweetened. But all of them are usually chewed to produce tobacco juices.

Creamy Snuff: This snuff is designed to be applied to the gums. Simply rub it on your gums with your finger or toothbrush. Then, leave it in place for a couple of minutes before spitting or swallowing it. Creamy snuff is typically made of mint, tobacco paste, glycerin, as well as, clove oil. Just like other types of snuff products, creamy snuff is highly addictive.

The Bottom-Line

As a common type of smokeless tobacco, snuff is divided into various types. From wet snuff t creamy snuff, you won’t miss an option that suits your explicit needs. The above are common types of snuff. Just like CBD gummies from, smokeless tobacco gives you a high effect. Understand them for a better smokeless tobacco experience. However, it’s important to purchase the best snuff.

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