Smooth, Smoother, Smoothies!

That’s right! They are the coolest, they are the fullest, and they are the smoothest—They are smoothies!

Be it a sweet one like blueberry-banana smoothie or a little strong one like coffee and oats, they always have something to offer to everyone.

So much for the smoothie-appreciation! Let’s take a look at eleven assorted smoothie recipes that are full of flavors and packed with nutrients.
You want it healthy? You want it yummy? You want it easy? This list of smoothie recipes has you covered!

  1. Cucumber-Mint-Apple Refreshment Smoothie:

For this refreshing smoothie, you only need five ingredients: 1 large cucumber, ¼ cup mint leaf(10 g), 1 green apple, one tbsp. of honey and ½ avocado. Just put all the items in slices and cubes into the blender and blend it. Add some ice if you want, and blend it again for a while. Pour it in a glass and enjoy.

  1. Blueberry-Banana-Almond Butter Smoothie:

For this vibrant smoothie, you need some simple and regular ingredients: one cup of blueberries, two bananas, one tbsp. of pure vanilla extract, two tbsp. of almond butter and two cups of milk.
Here, I suggest using frozen fruits because these fruits tend to stick together when blended without freezing them and you end up with unwanted lumps in your smoothie. However, you know what to do with the ingredients next! Just put them in a blender, blend it, pour it, drink it!

  1. Mango-Spinach Green Smoothie:

This one comes with all the fiber goodness of flaxseeds, the nutritional value of spinach and the tropical taste of mango!
This simple five ingredient smoothie only needs ground flaxseeds, spinach, low fat yogurt, plant-based milk and mangoes.
Add two cups of frozen mangoes, two cups of fresh spinach, a cup of low fat yogurt, two tbsp. of ground flaxseeds, and half a cup of plant-based milk to a blender and blend it all up.

This is a thick smoothie, so remember to give it a stir with a stick or spoon from time to time between blending. If you prefer a thinner consistency, just add more milk into it while blending.

  1. Sunny Tropical Smoothie:

This is a perfect breakfast to cheer you up on a gloomy workday morning.
You need half a cup of pineapple, half a cup of low fat yogurt, half a cup of banana, half a cup of mango, and a pinch of grated ginger. The yogurt will add the much needed protein into the smoothie, and the ginger will just liven up the flavor of your smoothie. You can skip it if you are not a fan of ginger. Add all the ingredients in a blender and press blend. Your on-the-go breakfast is ready!

  1. Purple Mixed Berry Smoothie:

What better way to start your day than with a whole lot of antioxidant goodness? This colorful smoothie requires half a cup of deseeded pomegranate or pomegranate juice of same amount, half a cup of low-fat yogurt, some frozen blueberries, some frozen blackberries, and some pitted cherries. Yogurt will add not only the texture to your smoothie but also some probiotics to make your smoothie more gut-friendly.
Add them all into your blender, and in a minute you get your delicious purple smoothie ready in your hand!

By the way did you know pomegranate is also categorised as berry? An unusual one, but still a berry!

  1. Coffee-oats Brown Smoothie:

Okay, this one here may come off as a non-traditional one, but trust me on the taste; it is every bit of a smoothie as the other ones you will make!

On the summer days when you want the knock of coffee but not the heat that it comes with, go for this energetic smoothie.
For this uplifting smoothie, soak ¼ cup of rolled oats into half a cup of warm milk for 10 minutes and get the oats softened up.
Then, pour this mixture into the blender and add half a cup of cold brewed coffee. You can use ¼ cup of espresso powder or coffee beans too if you want it stronger. Then, add a whole banana. Add some natural sweetener such as dates or cherries if you want it sweet.
Blend them together for a minute, and you have made yourself a healthy package!

  1. Crunchy Almond-Date Smoothie:

For this simple fiber-enriched smoothie, you only need ⅓ cup halved pitted dates, ⅓ cup almond nuts, half of a banana and ¾ cup of whole milk. Almond, dates, and banana have every important vitamin and mineral you need and more. So into the blender they go! Enjoy your crunchy smoothie!

  1. Spinach Green Smoothie:

Remember “Popeye the sailor man” from the cartoon who used to get all his strength from canned spinach? That’s what we are going to do with this recipe.
This is a more recently popular thing of people adding beetroots, spinach, carrots etc into their smoothies and even enjoying them every bit!
So we are gonna add one cup of milk, two cups of spinach, one cup of greek yogurt, and some kiwi and banana to your taste. The fruits are only there to add some flavors. Blend them on high and enjoy your nutrient-rich, healthy and tasty smoothie!

  1. Carrot-Peach Sunshine Smoothie:

This one is my personal favorite because of the carrot and peach!
So you are going to start with half a cup of orange juice or you can use one whole peeled, sliced and frozen orange. To that you are gonna add about half a cup of low fat yogurt for the protein and healthy gut bacteria. Add half of a peach, peeled, sliced and frozen and finally one shredded carrot.
Carrots add a beautiful, dense texture to this smoothie, and they also provide the extra vitamin A and fibers you need. The best thing is that they do so without even making you feel they are there!
Aren’t carrots just lovely?

  1. Pumpkin Spiced Smoothie:

This one is a bit out of the box since it’s a smoothie with spicy flavor!
Perfect for an autumn afternoon, a pumpkin spiced smoothie needs only four ingredients to prepare.
You need half a cup of whole milk, half a cup of pure pumpkin puree, one tbsp. honey, and a pinch of ground nutmeg. Into the blender they go, and here comes out a beautiful, frothy and spicy smoothie.
The distinctive aroma of nutmeg and the intense spicy flavor it adds are the best parts of the smoothie.

  1. Coconut-Beet Immune Booster Smoothie:

This one here is a special one because it’s packed with the goodness of both vegetables and fruits. It’s so enriched with all the food elements and vitamins that it immediately takes care of your immune system.
So whenever you are feeling a little low on your energy or under the weather, you know where to find the boost-up from!
First, you need some coconut milk, yogurt, and plant-based milk. You can use coconut water instead of yogurt. In that case, replace the milk with any low-fat yogurt to avoid making the smoothie too watery.
Add two sliced bananas, a cut and sliced orange for the vitamin C, a quarter of a raw beetroot for the color, a small chunk of ginger for the intense flavor, one tbsp. of creamy nut butter for some healthy fats to make the body’s absorption of the sugars slower, a large handful of spinach for the plethora of nutrition it provides, and half a cup of any berry that you’d like.
Blend them all together on high until it’s as creamy as you want it. Pour it in a glass or a bowl, and top it with some sugar-free granola, berries, or coconut flakes.
Because of the beetroot and the ginger, this smoothie is intense in flavors. If you already know you do not like it, just leave them out and the smoothie will be way milder in its flavor profile.
Bonus Tips:
Before I take off, here are some tips to make your smoothie making run smoothly!
1. Whatever smoothie you are making, add the liquid base carefully. You can go for either a different kind of milk, a different kind of juice, or plain water. What liquid you are using and in what amount you are using it decides the consistency and sweetness of the smoothie.
2. Always use frozen fruits. That way you can avoid using ice in your smoothie and still get the frosty texture. Ice dilutes the flavor of the smoothie and makes it thinner.
3. Do not forget to take care of blender that serves you tasty smoothies whenever you want. So make sure you get a good blender and make sure you keep it ‘good’ after all the smoothie-making. For example, if you are making a thick smoothie, scrape the walls near the blades from time to time.
4. In addition to the last one, always put whatever liquid base you have in your smoothie recipe first into the blender. That makes it easier for the blender to blend the smoothie.
5. Remember, smoothies are always open to experiment! You can try your own recipes with whatever tastes good to you. You can add protein powders, matcha powder, chia seeds, top it with nuts and ground seeds, or basically anything that is available near you and that caters to your dietary needs and food choice. I didn’t mention any of those in the recipes above to maintain simplicity.
Just remember to do your research and make sure you do not add anything with too much extra sugar.

I love how smoothies are available whenever you need them! I mean, not that available; of course, you have to prepare them first! But I love the way smoothies are found everywhere, all year round and with diverse flavors like they have no barriers, no rules!
So, what are you waiting for? Pick one of these delicious smoothie recipes and get yourself a smooth treat!

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