Smart Reasons Why You Should Attend Anime Events

Anime events or anime conventions (usually called “anime cons”) are one of the event gatherings that you should attend at least once, whether you are a fan of anime culture or not. There is just something exceptional about these types of events that make it enjoyable, motivating, and exciting at the same time.

If you have not attended any anime events in the past and currently have some hesitations, then below are excellent reasons why you should take the plunge.

Meet People with the Same Interests

Anime cons ultimately boil down to one thing, and it’s meeting like-minded people and sharing the same passion. Participating in an anime convention is a unique experience because you become a part of a group of individuals who share their love for the same thing.

You can then gain valuable insights and learn through shared experiences from people of all walks of life. You will get the chance to develop new friendships, and you don’t have to worry about being “nerdy” or “quirky” because everyone is the same anyway.

Also, you have all the time to “geek out” without the fear of being judged because it is a widely accepted thing to do during anime events. The genuine friendships you will develop in your time there will most definitely be worth it.

Meet People You Look Up To

Anime convention organizers usually invite people who are considered as anime experts, specialists, and even actors to make an appearance and become speakers. These people then become a part of a group of panels that share their experiences regarding anime culture and other subjects or topics.

According to an article by WhatNerd, there are anime cons wherein you could meet with famous anime YouTubers like Silvervale, and voice actors. and even bond with them. You can ask them questions, take selfies with them, and a lot more.

Engage in Healthy Competition

Some anime cons are loaded with gaming halls wherein you could play video or computer games and compete with other attendees for awesome prizes. If you are a person who has a competitive side, then you will surely enjoy attending these types of anime events.

Aside from participating in games, there is another way of competing during anime cons, which is cosplay contests. You can use the opportunity to dress up as your favorite anime character and impress other attendees with the craftsmanship of your costume.

Winning in this type of competition will enable you to make a name for yourself in the cosplay community and open your doors to new opportunities.

Exclusive Benefits 

Anime conventions allow you to buy merchandise that won’t be available commercially to the public. This means you can get limited edition manga, clothes, collectibles, arts and crafts, and a lot more. Having these items will surely make you the envy of your peers.

Another exclusive benefit that you can get from anime events is the chance to watch films or series that have not yet been released. This means you will be able to view private screenings before they become popular, what a fantastic privilege, right?

Anime conventions may not be the ideal environment for everyone, and you might be having hesitations because you might be thinking that it isn’t your cup of tea. But the thing is, you will never know if you like it or not unless you give it a shot.

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