Six Ways to Make Business Travel More Enjoyable

If you travel frequently for business, the excitement of your first business trip might seem like a distant memory. For many people, business travel can get old pretty quickly. Crowded planes, weather delays, rushing everywhere, and getting stuck in traffic jams can quickly leave you feeling fatigued and frustrated. Being a regular business traveler might be able to get you some nice perks like free admittance to the airport lounge, but you need to log a lot of miles to get these benefits. Get detailed information about the benefits of planning a trip with your employees, on this website:

The good news is that, with careful planning and a different approach to your business travel, you can turn each trip into a fascinating adventure, rather than simply another day at work.

#1. Minimize Annoyances:

Many business travel issues can be easily solved. Taking steps to travel lighter can help you avoid any hassles with checking bags or getting the bags to your accommodation. A good pair of earplugs or headphones will help you ensure that you have a peaceful and relaxing flight. Invest in a good bag that you can put under your seat after take-off to maximize your leg room.

Manage your frequent traveler perks to eliminate queuing and access upgrades. And, maybe most important of all – make sure that you give yourself plenty of time when traveling, so you don’t have to rush around and add stress. Learn more about Ways to Make Business Travel More Enjoyable at

#2. Choose Comfortable Accommodation:

Regardless if you’re staying for a few days, weeks, months or longer, trying to live out of a hotel room when you’re working can quickly become cramped and uncomfortable. If you’re used to staying in hotel rooms and have been searching for an alternative, it’s certainly out there. These days, business travelers in San Francisco can rent fully-furnished and equipped apartments from Blueground. They offer spacious living areas, separate bedrooms, kitchens stocked with cooking supplies and literally everything you need to feel at home away from home. Even your pets are welcome! If you’ve got comfortable and clean accommodation to come back to after a long day of work, which at the same time provides privacy unlike a hotel, it’s ideal. There’s no better way to stay on mid to long-term trips.

#3. Take at Least One Vacation Day:

Unless your business trip is only a few days long, then it’s definitely worth trying to add at least one vacation. This is particularly good if you’re going to be there over a weekend. After all, you probably wouldn’t spend your entire weekend at home working, so try and structure your trip so that you can head out early and have some fun over the weekend. Depending on where you are, you may be able to find some budget-friendly and time-conscious activities, such as tour buses, which allow you to see as much of the area as possible. Stop off at any attractions that you find particularly interesting to make the trip more memorable.

#4. Take Some Time to Network:

Virtual networking on sites such as LinkedIn has changed the way we make connections these days. However, there is still real value in meeting up with your contacts face to face. When you’re traveling for business, it’s a great opportunity to meet up with somebody in real life that you’ve connected with online. Check your LinkedIn contacts to see if there’s anybody in the area in particular who you’d like to meet and message them to ask  if they’d like to meet for a coffee, lunch or drinks – depending on what you (and they) are most comfortable with. It’s a great way to see more of the new town/city/country and meet with someone who could become a vital part of your career, in a low-pressure scenario.

#5. See an Old Friend:

As mentioned above, business trips don’t have to be all work, all the time. if you’re traveling to a place where you have old friends or colleagues it can be a fantastic opportunity to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while. After a long day of meetings or maybe during the weekend when you’ve got down time, meet up with a friend who you don’t get the chance to connect with very often. It’s a great way to keep your friendships strong and it can make your entire business trip much more exciting and enjoyable.

#6. Have Some ‘Me’ Time:

Since business travel can be hectic and stressful, make sure to schedule in some time for yourself. Traveling in general can often feel like a constant invasion of personal space, so make sure that you prioritize your own comfort. Be aware of when to take some time to do something that helps you feel more relaxed and calm. This could be as simple as enjoying some quiet time laying on the couch listening to your favorite music or kicking back and watching your favorite movie or a few episodes of a TV show that you like. Maybe booking an appointment at a local spa and forgetting about work for a couple of hours? Whatever it is that helps you unwind, do it! You’ll feel much more energetic and productive when you return back to your tasks.

How do you make business travel more enjoyable? We’d love to hear from you.

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