Simple Tips to Declutter Your Home Before Moving

Decluttering your home is the best to ensure a stress-free moving experience. Moving overstuffed closets, drawers full of unwanted stuff or heavy beds,  most people are left wondering how to sort everything.

Even if your house is clean and tidy, there are pretty good chances that you own at least a handful of useless or surplus items.

You’ll have to spend more time if you do not declutter your home. Alternatively, you can consult a professional moving company in Adelaide to ease down all the pressure.

Why It is Necessary?

Reasons to declutter your home before moving:

  • It will save plenty of packing time.
  • It will lower your transportation costs.
  • You will get more storage space in the new home.
  • You can pocket some cash from the yard sale.
  • It will reduce the level of moving stress.

Let’s find out how to declutter your home

Create a Room-by-Room Checklist

Before calling your removal service in Adelaide, prepare a checklist to filter down unwanted stuff in your home.


Clear out things that are in surplus, mismatched, or broken in the kitchen. It includes:

Small Appliances

Old kitchen appliances such as microwaves, blenders or toasters having exposed wiring, corroded, or no longer works should be tossed out for safety.

Expired Products

It is our common tendency to store products without even realizing that the expiration date is passed.  Check out your cabinets, refrigerator, and pantry, and get rid of such products that are no longer suitable to consume.

Kitchen Utensils and Tools

There are common kitchen items that you may have accumulated over the years such as frying pans, plates etc. Keep your favourites and give away the old and damaged kitchen utensils.

Living Room

Take a close look around the living room and scan any broken or outdated items that are no longer needed.  It includes:


How often you have cleared the pile of books lying on shelves? We’re not suggesting to donate or through away all your books. Keep the books that hold value and donate anything you already read or you don’t want to read to a local school or library.

Kids’ Toys

Kids outgrow toys quickly but they are reluctant to throw them away. Help your kids understand that donating their old toys can bring more joy to the other kids.

Old CDs,  DVDs, Cassettes, and VHS Tapes

Over the years, we store our old CDs, DVDs etc which are hardly used against the presence of multiple streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix.  While they may hold sentimental value, keeping the huge collection of movies and music cassettes may not be a wise option.

Game Consoles

Just like old media, you probably have a stock of various video games that you can retire from your collection.


Your bedroom many items that haven’t been used in years, and calls for major decluttering. Go through your closets for unwanted shoes, clothes, and other accessories to clear out anything you no longer need.


Any dress that you simply no longer fits or you haven’t worn in years should be donated. Same with the shoes.

Jewellery and Accessories

Jewellery and accessories go out of fashion quickly. Donate the items along with belts and handbags that you no longer wear.


Like kitchens, bathrooms have stuff that has a longer shelf life. It includes:


Toiletries usually do not have any expiration date on them, but used toiletries are definitely one of those things that you don’t want to carry while moving. Through away the empty containers of toothpaste, liquid soap, body lotions, etc.

Expired Medicine

Your under-sink storage, medicine cabinet, and vanity drawers are filled with ointments and medication. Make sure you responsibly dispose of expired medicine.


Your garage must be stuffed with goods you’re keeping for no good reason. Decluttering your garage before moving will save you a lot of time and money.

Donate or through away those items that are of little to no use including:

  • Parts of appliances
  • Camping gear
  • Construction materials
  • Gardening supplies
  • Tools and hardware
  • Broken items
  • Extra car parts
  • Yard décor
  • Old party supplies
  • Miscellaneous


Now that you have made your checklists, it is time to get rid of any unwanted or broken items that only add unnecessary space in your new home. Do you have more suggestions? Add in the comments section below:

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